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Back for another entry of hey-guess-what-I'm-at-a-con!!!
And kind of with a table! I say kind of because it's under my sister's name, and I'm just an assistant.

Anyway, if you're coming, we're at 34B, towards the back of the Artist Alley room. :>

I...have yet to post all of my art for AX here (my internship is kind of time consuming :x), but I am going to be at AX!

I have new Professor Laytons, Assassin's Creed, and an Odin Sphere poster! And I'm selling a bunch of old things as well. uwu I'm planning on having a few Bioshock Infinite charms (unfortunately plans for the BI poster fell through--argh!!!) up as well!

Now most importantly:
I'm going to be stationed at A72. That's in the corner in the row directly facing the dealer's hall! I'll be sharing the table with :iconpompi:. Please drop by and say hello or something! :>
Things I sold:…

And it was the best AX I've ever gone to. Artist alley with friends is the best. Getting to meet everyone I haven't seen in months or years, getting to fangirl along with customers or passersby, making customers happy, getting to meet new people and make people's days, asking for and then receiving my first commission from someone, print trading with other artists--it was really fun and amazing.

Everyone who came by and took the time to spaz and/or talk with me, I love you all. Thanks so much for making this AX so awesome! ;A;

I have a plane to catch tomorrow, so I can't say much here, but really! Thanks for all the fun!
So! We're at table F28! We're one table next to :iconruina: (THE AMAZING RUINA YOU GUYS COME ON) and our tablemates are :iconpompi:, :iconchoushii:, and Korune! : D Most of us will be doing commissions, if you're interested! I love meeting people at cons! There's just this wonderful happy atmosphere there. ;v; So please come visit and say hi! : DDD

I am DYING. I have a full time job and prints I'm trying to finish. IT'S A GOOD THING I'M USED TO NOT GETTING A LOT OF SLEEP AT A TIME HAHAHAHA HAHAHA. Ha. 8D;;; No, no, it's ok. I really enjoy drawing prints! I do miss getting sufficient sleep though, but at least it's fun!

Tomorrow! I have work today. I also didn't find out I was going until some time this week. So. I don't have anything new done (or at least printed out), so it looks like it'll be a leftovers and commission con? 8U

But, uh, yeah! I'm going to be there starting tomorrow. At a table. Yep. With :iconjamuko: and :iconpompi:.

It's free! So feel free to drop by? 8D
Next post will be about ALA probably. : |b

For now I will just leave a note about how college has started and I already have homework and will be very busy for the rest of the semester, but I will try to continue artsy fartsing, and I probably will because I tend to  draw when I'm stressed, and, boy do I love run-ons.

I have a handful of awful professors, but I have a couple average to good professors, which is a vast improvement from my previous semester! I have classes for 5 hours or more straight on most days, and those are all tech-y classes with mountain-high workloads. I have yet to fix up a do-my-homework schedule, so we'll see what happens. If that was too wordy for you, in short, I'm busy and tired.

SO YEAH. I'll go do the ALA post another time along with replying to my backlog of messages (even e-mails from important school people have been left in the dust because I'm just that awesome), etc.! Toodles!
I'll be there!!! With my own table, taking commissions and with a display of lots of "Yumble!" art!
Yup yup.

(The dA muro requests post is now closed, BUT I will draw for everyone that's commented so far! ;-; Sorry for everyone who's still expecting one.  It's been a hectic not-very-break-ful winter break. But I'm going to do my best to uphold my word! *_* Thanks for being patient!)
I got lucky(?) enough to get a table at ALA. (I don't know who manages their database, but it is messed up. That or no one knows how to properly access it, which is also pretty bad.)

SO yeah. :V I have a table, and I'll be there if you wanna meet up (or avoid me)! If I know you I may or may not throw free stuff at you/offer you a free commission (outside of con time)! I will be stocking up on Assassin's Creed stuff since I bet there'll be plenty of people who want that. If you want a commission from me, please bring me references!

If you want to meet up with my sibs though, you're gonna have to hobble around the con since I'm solo-tabling (aaaaa)! :> So yeah. Solo-tabling whooooo.
I apologize if you've already been notified of this, but for those who haven't, my sis and I are selling our leftovers from AM^2 over here:… !

Hello, hello!

Today (yesterday, technically, but who's keepin' track?)  I just finished my first Artist Alley where I actively took on commissions! For those of you reading this who stopped by, thank you so much for doing so. I had a blast, and it was all thanks to you. : ) You guys were all so nice! Thank you so much for your kind words--I'm truly honored. Also, for those of you patient enough to hold a  conversation with me, thank you! It was great meeting you and nerding together over things! Of course, it was also amazingly awesome getting to table
with :iconpompi: and :iconjamuko:!
Heehee, we had a rather bright and colorful and cute table, but, hey, how cool is that?

I'm pretty tired, and I still have my physics test to deal with, so more detailed updates may or may not come later. I'm feelin' pretty good though! Best Artist Alley experience yet! :>
--Independence Day weekend. Now as for tabling (as in having an active role in AM^2's Artist Alley), I'm not so sure. But! My stuff'll be there (the sheer un-amount of it) and I'll be a helper, so you may or may not catch me there! OF COURSE, this hardly matters to you if you're not going, but dA is probably my best publicizing medium so deal with it. ♥♥♥

Butthat'snotgoingtostopmefromshamelesslypluggingso STOP AND VISIT ANYHOW!
The lovely
:iconpompi: and :iconjamuko:
shall be gracing the table and Alley with their presence and art! And did I mention the con is free?! DID I?! Come hither, kiddies, ihihihi. ♥

Now onto less interesting things:

I am taking a lovely physics class this summer! I have such a love-hate relationship with math, and I still wonder why I'm pursuing this engineering, but my interest is piqued and my dignity rotting under thick layers of sediment (and I reserve my right to poetic licensure, thank you very much). At the very least, I may be able to make more sense of the senseless symbolism of Centrifugal Force with my to-be knowledge. Hopefully, optimistically, I'll pass this class and avoid a hellish nineteen unit fall semester! WE SHALL SEE.

And then there's Assassin's Creed. Dang, man, I should've jumped the bandwagon on this four years earlier, but at least I hopped it eventually!

HI WORLD, HOW ARE YOU? Yes, yes, you are part of the world, so speak up. You've read this far already, so why not (my arguments are sooo eloquent shhhh)!

Maybe it looks like a typical action flick based on the trailer alone, but it's according to reviewers it is very Filipino and a GOOD FILIPINO MOVIE made by a small animation studio in about 4 to 5 years.  Yes there is action, no it is not entirely original, but it is a good movie.  MMO gamers will probably like this.

I'd watch it (yeah, I haven't yet, but since I generally hear awful things about Filipino movies and good things about this, that makes me very excited).  And I usually steer clear of Filipino movies.

//end shameless plug
OC Tag
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names with the creators avatars.

Tagged by: :iconpompi:

...Well, uh, I've only posted one of his pics here, so here he is for you guys who like to attach faces to things.  His story, especially his arc, is still in the thinking process.  I haven't even begun outlining whatever happens to him, so whatever's here is bound to change!


1) Rustel is a drummer boy.  It's not the American Civil War, but his arc is set in a similar time period and a, er, vaguely similar war (1800s-ish, yarp, although canon is very decade dissonant, so the years don't actually match up, but meh).
2) Rustel knows how to operate guns as well as any of the gunmen in his beaten down squad.
3) Rustel suffers from really bad insomnia.
4) Rustel used to work in a meat packing factory before he was deported.  He is not sure which he likes more...or dislikes.
5) Rustel is a decent cook since he had to make gross cheap funky foods palatable for his little sister back at home.
6) He seems pretty stoic, but mostly he's a little awkward and derpy, so he usually won't approach people.  I guess he's kinda Billy Pilgrim-esque, but he's not completely in distortion-land, although he does suffer from PTSD.
7) He likes to write to his sister because he is worriiieedd.  She hasn't been replying.  This worries him a lot.
8) He cannot get drunk for some reason, try as he might.

And thaaat's good ol' Rusty.

Seven other people (or more) who have cool OCs
:icondaifukuusagi: - Cain
Onlyyy if you waant!

College makes me want to hurl.
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And sharing an A. Alley table with ichigonogenki and Pompi!  I have ten original print compositions thumbnailed out with color bases planned out, too, whoa.  They most likely won't sell well just because they're original, but I am going to push myself a lot on those and make sure they're not the lazy uninspired quickies I've been posting lately and make 'em epic. :>

But, y'know, since we're still going to have to make fanart to sell...

What series would you like to see fanart of?  
Stealing my sis's words even more:
"Tell me something that you would personally like to see, i.e. like something you feel has an intense lack of good fanart and you really wish someone drew something for it. I'm not asking for money-making fanart stuff, unless that's what you really want me to draw.
No guarantees that I'll draw what you ask. I'll be more likely to draw something I'm familiar with, but I'm open to suggestions!"

So please contribute your ideas! :3
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OHHH YEEEAH.  Methinks we're gonna get an anime remake for Houshin Engi now!  I've never been so proud of my club (well, it became a group while I was gone) before. :woohoo:

And most of you are like what since when did you have a club.  And I say, a while.

As for my life, weeeeheeeehll, let's just say we're not on speaking terms at the moment. |Db
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First choice college rejected me!

I'll get over it.
May good fortune and happy junk and fun things and life-changing lessons smack you all in the face.  And good luck with resolutions and such.  Happy new year and good luck next semester--or whatever it is your school measures years by--for you school kids!

Art classes rejected me, but that is ok!  Now my schedule won't be eaten alive, and, bah, colleges have art classes too, so things are good.  It actually scares me how little this fazes me.  I'm more worried that I will have to look for senior housing by my 20s.

Also, this… still exists for the new folks and the folks who've forgotten or thought I forgot. 8)  Request away, anyone and everyone!
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Dagnabbit, Canada.

Because I am a sucker for this game.  And probably will be for the movie, too.
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You people who have anatomy and perspective and all that stuff down, kudos.  And you people who know how to pace conversations and action scenes and how to get the reader to understand where a scene takes place and just what kind of place the thing's set in, kudos to you too.  And you people who can make pages dynamic and know what areas to accentuate when inking and toning, kudos, guys, kudos.

GEE-WHIZ.  How do you guys do this stuff?!  I have twenty-five pages and a half sketched out.  I have about eight fully inked pages and ten pages with rough inking (no accents or anything--just flat inking).  The remaining pages are just flattened tree pulp with graphite scratches on top.

And I still have to scan these all and tone them or do something to that effect (for which I need to hijack my sis's comp seeing as I have no scanner).  That means no pages yet, kids.

I sure hope these two kids who're supposed to be clones look different enough to tell apart 'cause if they're not, we're gonna have some big problems here.  D|  Their face structure is essentially the same, there's differences in personality, how they speak, eyes, hair, and body language--but...well, we'll see.

So how does THIS muscle here work?  Wait, how does this shoulder connect with everything else?  Where does the horizon line go here?  I wonder if this pose makes sense.  Oh, snaps, the spacing isn't consistent from this panel to this--gaaaah.
This is an experimental comic--do calm down. D|

Here, have a trailer of a one-person animation which will serve as your prize for reading through this thing:…
ONE PERSON.  Remember Voices of A Distant Star?  No, no, it's not the same person, but still.  ONE.  PERSON.  That guy with the antenna hair and the smirk is pretty awesome, haha, don't judge me.
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No, no, it's not JAZZ; it's a figure of speech.  If you hang around my eljay, you prolly have heard these already (and are suffering from bleeding eardrums).

BUT.  Y'know.  I'm good at embarrassing myself (and I need to show off or something like that for this career), so here we go.

You haf'ta DL these because I don't know of any mp3 streaming thing and I don't have a server or any webhost to serve as such, blah blah.  4shared files. =_=b

Kai's sorry...</b>
Reference: Episode 02, page 01

Kai's pleased to meet you!</b>
Reference: Episode 02, page 03

DUN DUN DUN DUN.  You can totally hear my normal voice in the second one since my Jade was such a fail Jade, I replaced it with myself.  Voice cracks, consonant over pronounciations, too quiet, you can hear my SoCal accent ('cause I sure can't!), etc., please tell!

^Character and webcomic (c) :iconzue:

Lionel in the midst of chaos.
Reference: From Serenian Century.
They're just Lionel's parts.  This was done before the other two and was done with a crappier mic (also why it's quieter and has worse sound quality).

^Character and script and webcomic (c) :iconruina:

Voices?  100% MINE.  No takey without permiso.  Of course, Ruina and Lily, who own the characters and script, are free to use these as they please.
If you come here ten years later or something, just poke and I'll re-up...assuming that I still have the files by then.
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