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This has been fun putting pictures on deviantART.  Shooting some, and finding some pictures I shot in the past.  Quality depends on which camera I used.  Scanning film or prints aren't very good.   Early digital pictures are fair, but my current camera, a Fuji S-7000 are better, but having some focusing issues.  Hope for a new camera sometime this year, but a new Apple computer is ahead of it in priorities.

As a note on my work, I don't care if anyone uses it for something you want to do, as long as you give me credit for the picture.  I would be pleased if someone liked my work well enough to want to use it.  And, thanks!

There is a lot of beautiful work out there, and I like to keep some of the pictures for my own pleasure, but, when I encounter photographs with the deviantART logo smack dab in the middle, I don't even continue looking at the work.  That is a complete turn-off.
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