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It's been awhile since I've even looked at my journal. Oops. XD
Well, things have definitely gotten better. We're all living together again. My mom gave my dad one more chance and he's gotten exceedingly more tolerable. I do feel a bit awkward from time to time, but that's okay because there is a normal again. :)

I've been drawing more, lately. My friend gave my tablet back to me so I'm re-practicing with it and I feel a lot better about it than when I first got it. I feel like my skills have gotten at least a little better. Even if I am dealing with chibi drawings most of the time. Well, practice makes perfect.

Though, I don't know how much practice I'll be getting from now on. College starts next week for me and I have no clue how busy I'll be since this will be my first semester. However, I'm in high hopes since I see a lot of other college students who are active on DA. Hopefully those high hopes won't be crushed later on. Well, I'll try anyway.

And that's really it. A bunch of small stuff... broke up with my boyfriend, not a big deal; applied for a job at Target, still hoping I get a call; babysitting job over, it was a great summer job since I got paid for having a fun time. Pretty much all of that kind of stuff.

Well, keep a lookout for more chibis. (That is, assuming I keep doing chibis.)
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