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One Smart Cookie

I've been sick for the last couple of days because this new prescription of anti-anxiety medicine is too high of a dosage so I haven't been doing much. Today is the first day that I've been able to walk around without going into a fit of dry heaves. So I decided to distract myself with a pentool project.

If I knew how, I'd love to make this into a T-shirt... so for now it will just remain a T-shirt design.

It's surprising how many cravings I get when I get sick. It's never failed that I get this insane craving for pizza when I get the flu. Probably because I watch a lot of TV when I'm sick and all those pizza commercials are utter torture! Anyway, my current craving is cookies... 'nuff said.
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Simple, yet awesome.
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I just saw this. xD This is awesome lmao.

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Glad you like it! XD