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(Multiple sizes of my 'Solar System to Scale' wallpaper with a new preview.)

A minimalist infographic wallpaper depicting the size of our solar system to scale.

I kept the design simple and easy on the eyes, to be ideal for a operating environment.

I also wrote an interesting blog post to accompany the wallpaper that has some fascinating numbers and comparisons on the size of our solar system, galaxy, and universe.

I also created the monitor in the preview, which will be included in future wallpaper previews.

Sizes included:

iPhone 4
- 640x960

Single Display
- 1365x768
- 1440x900
- 1600x900
- 1680x1050
- 1920x1080
- 1920x1200
- 2560x1440*

Dual Display
- 2730x768
- 2880x900
- 3200x900
- 3360x1050
- 3840x1080
- 3840x1200

*UPDATE: Expanse @ 2560x1440, per ephimethueus's request.

Also, since it's an infographic, I'm releasing this on a Creative Commons license so feel free to use it (but not alter it) wherever it can be of use.
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Is it possible for a 5120x1440 please?
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For triple monitors? Image on the center monitor and empty on the side monitors?
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Is it possible to get a 7680x2160?
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For double monitors.  I was hoping for a 7680x2160 of that you have above in your original too.
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I was searching for a wallpaper of the show The Expanse, this came up. Nice concept, I enjoyed very much but it is way to pale and bright to work at night, as I usually do. 

So I "forked" here:…  Thanks Coswyn.
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Beauty in minimalism.
My new favourite desktop. Thanks!
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Thanks, glad you like it! :)
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would it be possible to get a 5760x1080 version?
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Great work. Thank you. A lossless PNG would be more suitable for these fine lines, in my opinion. 
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Oh loveliness. And good to see you have *all* the relevant objects there.
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So F-cool! Thx for sharing!!!!
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Is it too late for any chance of a 5760x1080 version? 

I've had this wallpaper for a while now, used to use it on my dual 2880x900 setup, but I've upgraded recently to triple 1080p monitors. 
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What style layout? Single infographic extended over three screens? One with the infographic and two blank for negative space?
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I'd love for the infographic to be extended over three screens, but having an understanding of the time/effort involved (I've had to convert a fair share of my own wallpapers)--I would understand if one with the infographic and two blank would be less time consuming, and I'd equally be grateful. It's completely up to you. :) 
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Are you requesting the PSD?
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Where did you get the screen to put the wall in? I've been trying to find things like that forever.
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Are you referring to the gray backdrop?
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No I am referring to the placement of the smaller photo inside the pic/render of the screen labeled COSWYN.
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Oh, that's one of my other pieces...

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I know you made it, but how? And is there any way I could find/make a similar thing?
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version without pluto? XD Amazing wallpaper!
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Pluto is small, just pretend it's a dead pixel. ;)
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haha poor pluto, nice job and thanks!
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