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Costxllo Commission 2019 - 2020 (READ DESCRIPTION)

By Costxllo
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Commission Status


General Terms of Service

These are my commission terms and prices valid from November, 22, 2019 hereon, until they are changed. Please keep in mind that just because something is listed or seems simple to you doesn't mean I'll do it. I reserve the right to deny your commission for any reason, even those not listed in my terms of service. By commissioning me you understand this and choose to abide by it.

UPDATED POLICY HERE: Commission Standards

Payment Information

Payment for commissions will be sent after I send the sketch to you for verification!
If you send the payment before, I will send it back. And if you do not send the payment after I have shown you the sketch I will not complete the commission. 

Methods of payment

I accept paypal (USD only) try not to be intimidated by the USD only, paypal has an automatic conversion system. Just make sure to select USD. 
I also take chatlands deltas and deviantart points! Keep in mind I only take these on occasion, so check to see below when I'm available to take these forms of payment.

Paypal: Open!
Chatlands Deltas: Open!
DeviantArt Points: Closed!

Refunds are available for those who's commissions I have not completed. If you commission me and I complete it you are no longer allowed to ask for a refund. Do not commission me if you do not have the means to pay. I'm not a charity service. 

Will and Won't do:

Checkmark Feral animals
Checkmark Gore
Checkmark Robotics 
Checkmark Armor
Checkmark Anthro (there may be an up-charge for anthro!)

X Humans
X Intense armor
X Intense robotics
X Fetishes or kinks        

Please click here for my full terms of service!

Please do not commission me until you have read this through and through. 

Commission Form

Please send this information to me in a note on DA.
Commission type:
Position or expression:
Character references: (Please keep in mind it is +$10 for extra characters)
Clothing or items: (If you have a plushie you want, put that character here so I don't up charge you!)
Extra information: (Optional)
Chatlands username: (Optional)

If you're looking for information about your commission please click here to go to my Trello!
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