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Dawstar - Commission

Commission done to :iconherbsmall: The character is Dawnstar, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 30th and 31st centuries of the DC Universe. She is from the planet Starhaven, a world colonized by American Natives abducted from Earth by an unknown alien race in the 13th Century.

I loved this character design, she was superfun to draw. you can see a NSFW version to this drawing in the link below!


How about a commission?

Commissions are fun and can bring your ideas to life!

A commission like this can be yours for only 60 USD (I do OC's, Fanart, Real people, naked, clothed, you name it!)

Also, Deviant Watchers that also follow me on my Instagram @costalonga.erotica get 15% OFF in any commissions!!! (Except YCH promotions).

Here is my journal for commissions price information:…

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Looks great. Love how you did her hair. Great call having it fall in front of her breasts but not covering her very suckable nipples.

Very pretty smile and a great background. The large eyes look so sweet and I'm glad you didn't forget her headband. I like the background you chose as well. Obviously, her feet look great too. Make sure to plow up the picture to see the nice coloring on her toes.

I highly recommend Costalonga if you're thinking of a commission. He is very easy to work with.

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Belo anjo, descalço e reluzente. :)

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YES another amazing fanart of the rear DAWNSTAR EPICNESS

Great work

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Thanks!! She's a great character!

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First watched her and Karate Boy from the JLA animated movie! I love how you made her barefoot as I would picture her!

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yeah, much better barefooted!!

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She is beautiful looking, nice pose too:nod:

Nice legs as well=D Loving the wings^^

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Thank you so much!! It's my first time drawing wings, so I'm happy it looks good, and of course, the legs were the most important part haha

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