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Well so far :icongot-trix: has been planning his cosplays for Sakura Con this upcoming year.  We know we plan on doing our Supernova cosplays from One Piece again this year.  As for Raif's cosplays they consist of the following:

Aomine Daiki - Kuroko no Basuke
Koga - Pokemon: Soul Silver/Heart Gold
Trafalgar Law - One Piece

We have been discussing ideas back and forth and will figure things out when it gets closer to con time.  Hope to see you all there!

Also if you want to keep up with our cosplay progress feel free to follow us on our FaceBook page.

- Raif
So as a group, a few of us discussed group cosplay plans for this years Sakura Con.  As a group we have come up with three group cosplays.  It should be pretty epic.  So here are our group cosplay plans for this year.

Thursday (Pre-Register Day):

Sengoku Basara (Gakuen Basara versions)

:icongot-trix: (Patrick) as Ieyasu Tokugawa
:iconpocket-ace: (Michael) as Motochika Chosokabe
:iconrainbowbubltape: (Chelsea) as Magoichi Saika
:iconxxpanda-bearxx: (Krislyn) - Oichi
:iconle-tomi: (Brittney) as Keiji Maeda

We'll be accompanied by friends from the cosplay group, :iconelixir-fix:.  Should be exciting!

Their group has:

:iconnikkiolie: (Nikki) as Date Masamune
Michael as Kojuro Katakura
Laurie as Yukimura Sanada
Chip as Sasuke Sarutobi



:icongot-trix: (Patrick) as Shinta Fukuda
:iconpocket-ace: (Michael) as Koogy
:iconxxpanda-bearxx: (Krislyn) as Miyoshi Kaya


One Piece

:icongot-trix: (Patrick) as Trafalgar Law
:iconpocket-ace: (Michael) as Eustass Kid
:iconxxpanda-bearxx: (Krislyn) as Jewelry Bonney
Tony (No dA) as Monkey D. Luffy


One Piece

:icongot-trix: (Patrick) as Trafalgar Law
:iconpocket-ace: (Michael) as Eustass Kid
:iconxxpanda-bearxx: (Krislyn) as Jewelry Bonney
Tony (No dA) as Monkey D. Luffy

Our intro video for the Final Fantasy Fight Tournament.…
Aki Con 2011 has come and gone.  :icongot-trix:, :iconrainbowbubltape:, :iconiraikiri:, :iconsaizilla:, and :iconle-tomi: all attended this pretty sweet convention.  The only member who was unable to attend was :iconpetite-otaku:.  She was missed.  We hope she can join us next time.  Most of our members, except :iconrainbowbubltape:, put together a Gakuen Basara group cosplay, and it turned out well.  Bellow is a list of who cosplayed who in our group.

Gakuen Basara Group List:

Sasuke Sarutobi - :icongot-trix:
Date Masamune - :iconiraikiri:
Kasuga - :iconsaizilla:
Keiji Maeda - :iconle-tomi:

Thanks to :iconiraikiri:, :iconsaizilla:, and :icondolhith: for taking a majority of our group pictures.  

This convention was very chill and relaxing for  a majority of us.  It was fun meeting new people and talking with old friends.  Thank you to all who made this convention awesome.
Hey watchers! Our member Sai (sameero) is selling some of her old wigs. Why don't you go check out her journal at…. She's still got a few wigs available!
I would like to welcome our newest member, :iconrainbowbubltape:.  She is a very talented cosplayer who cosplays both male and female cosplays.  She is known for cosplaying characters such as Roxas from Kingdom Hearts and Rin from Vocaloid.  She is also a very talented at styling wigs.  She is also very good at finding good places to find wigs and costumes.  We look forward to your talents in Cossu Bossu.  This young lady goes by the nickname Sora.  She is also a very friendly and sociable person who loves to hang out.  Again welcome our newest member!

Members Going:

:icongot-trix: :iconsameero:


:icongot-trix: will be cosplaying as Takeshi Sendo from Hajime no Ippo.  He will then be changing into Fukuda Shinta from Bakuman with :iconsameero: who will be cosplaying as Niizuma Eiji.  They also hopefully plan on cosplaying from Hanna is Not a Boy's Name as Lamont Toucey and Veser Amaker Hatch.  


:icongot-trix: will be cosplaying as Rufio this day and we are unsure what :iconsameero:'s plans are for this day.


:icongot-trix: plans on cosplaying as Kyle Katayanagi from the graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim.  He may also bring back Chip Skylark from The Fairly OddParents to join a few friends.  Again we are unsure what :iconsameero: plans to do.

As of now plans are pending and are subject to change.