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Hello, fellow Deviants, and sorry for the long absence.


Since last December, our Hana-May, our beloved and tresured friend, a precious member of our group, and most of all a wonderful woman, is no longer with us.

Let us pay a little homage to our dearest friend, sharing some of her photos. If you’d like, you can pay a visit to her DA page, which will remain open, for new and old Deviant to see her talent in creating wonderful drawings and costumes.

And we’ll try to keep her memory alive, in this page, posting photos of her last costumes, or pics of the old ones you still haven’t seen. But also on our new and shiny Facebook page opening a FB page was her idea, and we’ll do our best to keep it active, colorful and cheerful for her, too. If you’d like to pay it a visit, or befriend us on FB too, we’d be super grateful.

Thanks for reading, we wish you all the best!


Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1] Lots of love! Bunny Emoji-09 (Heart) [V1] 

Rubor - Caterina Sforza by Hana-May Tres and Caterina by Hana-May Gossip Girls by Hana-May The High Priestess by Hana-May  Trinity Blood - The group by Cospoison Guardians by Cospoison Lynn Minmay Cosplay by Hana-May Some dangerous book by Cospoison Lost Canvas Pandora by Hana-May The big Bleach group by Cospoison  Byakuya Kuchiki by Hana-May Sakizo's Rose Hip Tea on Stage by Hana-May Afternoon Tea by Hana-May Sakizo Artworks - I by Cospoison Sakizo - Patisserie by Cospoison Sakizo - Fragments by Cospoison The Harp Weaver by Hana-May Kendappa - Smile by Hana-May

Hello everyone! :bow:

First of all, a huge THANK YOU for being here, and then… let us introduce ourselves! :heart:

We are an Italian cosplay group born in 2005, with components from various parts of our country united by a strong, joyful friendship. ^___^
Our cosplay philosophy? We love stories of all kinds and we love to breathe life into them, not only by recreating a good dress but also by doing our best to be, for one day, the characters we choose.
We love to have fun, to act like we're someone else and to parody the stories we play: we try to never forget that, aside from the hard work, cosplay is meant to be enjoyment and being together.
We love to lose our lives, time, patience and minds for every single detail of a costume, trying to get better and better with every new work. We make everything by ourselves, in collaboration.
We love to do things that fans of the original series may appreciate: if we succeed or not, it's up to you to say!
We're great at poisoning ourselves with all kinds of dangerous materials, colorants, resins, glues and everything else: that's where our name comes from! XD (and from the fact that we infect everyone around with our passion, forcing unwitting friends to jump on our bandwagon.)


suzaku3 (Harriet)

Active members

Guest stars
Hana-May and Ayachan81 (great cosplayers on their own, who often join us)

Other guests
lilie-morhiril (freelance member)
…and more!

Kinnara: the Genius. Capable of doing everything, from first-class sewing to building incredible props, and to describe everything as "feasible". Specialized in projects, Fimo accessories, and in killing the rest of the group by laughs.
Harriet (suzaku3): sews, sews and sews for a great part of the group, and works at the organization. Our saint and saviour!
Shu (Shu-Maat): fabric painter, wannabe make-up artist, adviser for colours and designs, seeker of everything in markets and Ebay, tyrannical coordinator XD.
Mia (AliceLovesTea): sewing help, assistant of the tyrannical coordinator, photographer.
Leryu (Leryu): sewing, jaw-dropping acting skills and interpretations!
Wren (Fengtianshi): makes all her costumes on her own and helps the others with sewing and prop building. She's also our director for the skits on the stage!
Missreptyle (missreptyle): styles the wigs for all the group and helps with sewing, drawing and everything.
Hana (Hana-May): sewing, prop building, painting, and looots of epic patience!
Ahkan: props and accessories design and crafting.
Lore (lorenzo84): together with Ahkan, he's our "science department" (i.e., they make up for the girls' ignorance of the most elementary rules of maths and geometry.)
Ayachan, Kit and Hasao: props building.

THANK YOU again and again for your visit, and for every comment, fave or watch you may honour us with! ^_________^ :blowkiss: