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Happy 2014 everyone. CosPod has been busy the past few months with conventions, podcasting, and more conventions.

To play catchup, check out Episode 52, which is our year in review, along with a special interview with :iconkamuicosplay:
Hey Podders!  Sorry for the lack of updates; school is keeping both of us busy busy busy.  However!  This coming Thursday, Sept 19th, we will be guests on CosCast; we're doing a live stream episode about Heroes of Cosplay.  The live stream will air starting at 6pm PDT/8pm CDT on YouTube; check our Facebook page for the link once things go live.  Hope you get a chance to listen!  CosCast has a great crew, and their podcast is fantastic.  It makes me smile when I'm having a down day.  --Amber
Hey Podders,

Episode 43 will release next weekend, and we have a surprise for you!  We were honored to sit down with the talented ladies of Cupcake Cosplay for an interview after their experience at the World Cosplay Summit.  Not only will their interview appear in the episode, but we also sat down with listener Clinton to talk with him about his experience at Tokyo in Tulsa (where he was one of a team that won Best in Show!).  It's a win-win episode, pun intended.  (This is Amber; you should expect such terrible puns out of me at this point.)

Episode 44 will have discussion about cosplaying for the first time at a convention, so send us your first-time cosplay stories and pictures!  Also, if you are attending AnimeFest, Dragon*Con, or PAX Prime and would be willing to act as a Special Correspondent (in other words, take pics and/or video and do a short write-up of the convention), please let us know!  We'd love to have coverage of all the conventions going on for Labor Day weekend.
Episode 42 is going to be a Q&A episode.  Any burning questions you have about ANYTHING cosplay--post them here!  If we can't answer a question, we'll find someone who can.  This episode will be the one to answer ALL of your questions.  Let us know what YOU want to know!
Episode 40 is out!  Amber does fiberglassing and reviews Mod Melts.  Don't worry, it doesn't end up with anything on fire.

BarbeQon is in less than two weeks!  Join us in Carrollton TX for some free food and socializing.

As always, if you have requests for future episodes of CosPod, let us know.  We do read every comment and email sent to us and respond.

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