R.I.P Yena Dingo....

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A.K.A Tyler West....   you're going to be missed....

gone forever from our arms,
memories locked within our hearts.
he said he didn't have too long,
But Yena Dingo played it strong.

We sit here shedding tears of sorrow,
he's not online, no tomorrow..
He's gone to where the furries roam,
He's waiting for us at our true home..

R.I.P Yena.. We'll Be There Soon..

For all who are wondering... Yena passed away from his battle with leukemia.. he was 19.. and like a dad to me....  he was a furry... well known...  and im going to miss him....

still depressed....  crying as im typing....  so much going on....  dont mind the lit. that i put up...
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Wish I knew him. :<
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I'm so sorry....*hug* I hope you'll be okay....
It's hard to lose loved ones...
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I know how it feels...my lovely darling cat died a 2 years ago.. but it feels like yesterday.Its hard,thos first months.But we will get through it,knowing that he is no longer hurting.
R.I.P Yena