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Hey everyone!!

Welcome to the new DA!!

I wont be popping up any cosplays but all the wonderful things that go with them!!

I will taking commissions and selling items on the page so please note me about anything you would like to have made!


Current Residence: Sydney
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Personal Quote: its all fun and games until someone loses an eye, then its CLAMP!

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Repo: The Genetic opera
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Well what a big weekend! I thought I would get some rest I was deadly wrong lol!!! I was mostly at work all day Thursday then jumped straight to the airport to catch our flight, I love it leave 30 degree weather to go to 10 degrees! after getting to our crappy hotel room (overpaid for that crap) I went to finally get my hair redone - back to black! *Kate-Kane ( loved seeing the horses in Melbourne I think we spent most of our trip hanging out and feeding them :lmao: It was wonderful to take the time to have some good food and walk around, I needed the rest and meeting up with :icongoldwave: and :iconH2G-Jesscosplay: was exactly wh
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End of an era

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Before I get into the details of what happened at my last comp I wanted to put something up. As some of you might be aware  over the last year I have been doing more work with photoshopping and have been trying to improve my skills in the field as it's sometimes hard for me to find a photographer on such short notice who does both photoshop work and photography so I took it upon myself to learn a bit more and really try to expand my field of techniques. With my work becoming more popular I have decided to offer up commission work to anyone who wants it. These are full post processes which is colour editing, general clean-up and I can add ef
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Well another con down 2 to go! So I went as Aruze Balmung from .hack G.U and it had to be one of the most diffcult outfits I have ever worn!!! Full armour and opening wings which im very proud of this was the first armour outfit I had ever gotten right in my life. :faint: So morning started with me getting up and fight with my wig since it was in my eyes the entire day. But I think the real struggle of the day was my wings. Mechanical giant wings on a harness being transported to the city on public transport is NOT FUN!! I had to walk to the station carrying the montrous things in just my zentai suit :blush: then when I got there the horde
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Happy B-Day ^_^
Happy birthday,  hun. ^_^
Happy B-Day ^_^

Hey there,

I realize you might be super busy and all that, but I was just wondering if you wanted to check out my event?

It's called, "I'm Real, Are You?" and the reason I'm holding it, is because I was recently a victim, among many other Deviants, to someone who had created a fake DeviantArt account with photos they stole from a Facebook. Long story short ~ They hurt a lot of people, and ruined a few lives in the process.

I'd really love it if you take part in the event, and help to bring back faith in people on DA and the internet, and let everyone know that there are people who can be trusted Heart

Here's some more info!

I'm Real, Are You?I came across a photo today that really jumped out at me. And in light of some situations that occurred in my life recently, I imediately decided it just made sense to pass it on and to do the same myself.
This is the photograph by :iconvintageshadow:
I want to do the same as him, and create my own photograph of myself with a hand written sign.
I think it's EXTREMELY important for my watchers to believe in me and who I am, because you guys are my family and my lifeline. Without you all, I would be a very lonely person.
It also pains me that in the current internet society, there are a lot of frauds and fakers, who pose to be people who they are not for multitudes of reasons. I want you all to know that I AM NOT one of those people. I am very much who I say I am and would never misrepresent myself no matter how much I disliked myself.
SO I'm going to create a little event out of this, and I'd really appreciate it if at least some of my watchers decided to take part in i

Thanks so much! Hug

Happy Birthday prop Master! =D