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Gallery Folders

[Call of Duty OC] Operation: Surprise Party by FaePanic
Raiden Shogun | Genshin Impact cosplay by Dzikan
Trust Your Doctor by BasiliskRules
Battle Maid by azproduction
Anime and Manga
Touka... We must live on, even as we lose things by aPandaCosplay
If you won't go, manager, I'll go alone by aPandaCosplay
It'd be bad if they saw our faces, obviously by aPandaCosplay
Hey, eyepatch by aPandaCosplay
Video Games

Mature Content

EmpressDidi as Kitana Captured and enslaved by EmpressDidi

Mature Content

EmpressDidi as Kitana slave training by EmpressDidi

Mature Content

EmpressDidi as Kitana prepared for collection by EmpressDidi

Mature Content

EmpressDidi as Kitana Captured and enslaved by EmpressDidi
Comics and Cartoons
What's so afternoon about it?? by J1mmyR
Marvel - Spider-Gwen [240323] by FaePanic
Raven (drawn by Picolo-kun) - Teen Titans by aPandaCosplay
Movies and Series

Mature Content

Boobsno by J1mmyR
Barbie [100423] by FaePanic
[Makeup-test] Luisa Madrigal from Encanto by Yafirah
Hogwarts OC - Morgan Hancroft [050423] by FaePanic
Original Character - Fleur Aguillard [280423] by FaePanic
Original Character - Fleur Aguillard [260423] by FaePanic
[Noa]  My new stuffed animal by Yafirah
Original Character - Neve [230223] by FaePanic
Work in Progress
Ready for my show? by aPandaCosplay
Happy birthday Ado! by aPandaCosplay
Drunk Ghouls Gone Wild 3 by J1mmyR

Group Rules & Extra Info

BEFORE YOU JOIN, please read these rules.

- Any form of cosplay is welcome; this includes WIPs, closet cosplays, oc cosplays, and original concepts of existing characters.
- Submit your work into the correct folder.
- Submit limit is 5 photos a day.
- 18+, suggestive content, and lingerie photos must be censored with a mature filter provided by DeviantArt.
- If a folder is missing, not working, or full, please do not spam the group page and send a Note instead.
- Do not spam the group or (Co-)Founders if your submissions haven't been accepted yet. We are doing our best while also taking care of our private life.


Slots open: 3

- Experience with running groups
- Speaks English
- Basic communication skills (in case of questions, or if changes need to be made)

Daily activity is not required, since we all have our private lives to take care of. But please do not waste my time joining as Co-Founder and then leaving after two weeks.

If you're interested, please send the group a Note.





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J1mmyR Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
I've submitted all I can today, but later I'd like to submit a music oriented cosplay and dunno what folder it would go in. Where should I put it when I can submit again? Thanks! C:
FaePanic Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2022  Hobbyist Photographer
Hiya! That's a bit difficult since it depends on if it's recognisable (i.e. a character that is portrayed by artists or in a music video and you've described it as such in the description) or if it is your interpretation of something.
If it is the latter, it belongs in Original, and otherwise I have made a Music folder as well.
J1mmyR Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2022  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah it's official band characters so I'm glad you made the folder XD Thank you! C: