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Hey, looking for Cosplay artists to shoot, check my website or my stuff here.. Auckland based, can travel. :)
Anyone know where I can get the tenth doctors trench coat for $100 or less? I am a mens medium
Anyone from down south going to 'Dunnos' armageddon 
Hello lovelies!

I have been trying to find an Auckland Lolita for almost a year now!
I met her at a market and she brought a handmade item from my stall. The item was faulty and I'd like to give her financial compensation for my mistake OR send her a new one :/

But I never managed to get her name and have no idea who she is or how to get in contact with her. I have managed to find a photo of her, but I can't seem to attach it to this message.

If you think you could help me identify her, please email me at:

Thanks in advance! xx
Armageddon was amazing! I wish I got more photos~
I cosplayed as Wonderwoman today, first ever attempt at cosplay and loved it!
:3 Wellington!
Urm, are there any cosplayers/cons in Nelson?? I feel soo lonely! *sob!*