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with EN fan-patch, my jap isn't good enough to play without it:) BTW the english patch is 100% ready and finished, (just google VCiiii english patch) so if you haven't played the game yet, you should (as it's the best VC game, yep... even better than VC on PS3). 
Enemy Within to be correct, as I brought back my old X-Com and changed it to the newest, DLC included one (XBOX by the way.) So here I am, playing with the stuff... again (played tru the original one about 5 times after release). How come I can't get bored with this? What's the magic? (oh, playing IRONMAN only, thats the meat of this game!)

Anyways, do you like it? You think the original (old, retro) still better? Hate it? Love it? Do you name you soldiers after you family, or friends? Or celebrities? Or just rolling with the default names and nicknames? How do you feel when your best soldier dies in ironman? Let me know! In the meanswhile don't forget to check out my gallery, for a nice Dr. Vahlen cosplay!:)
So, I did upload a funny RE6 cosplay with Gogo (check out in my gallery), and DA named it "07" (filename). No mateer, how many time I edit the title, or description or keywords, and press "update", nothing happens. It stays the same. So, so.... wtf????? lol

Is it a bug, or DA just don't love me anymore?

(sad puppy face)
So, lately I am in my "handheld" frenzy, means my consoles are put on hold (let'em rest a bit haha), and playing on my PSP and DS again. Oh, the memories. Persona3 prt. and Trails In The Sky... Ace Attorney! Also playing Advance Wars DS again (anybody knows this title lol?) Sometimes it's so good, to pull out the old handhelds. I think both the PSP and the DS was just incredible, so many games, so many good titles, the game library on these even better than on the "real" consoles, dont you think?
So I am playing with my 3DS again - somehow I forgot that I got Etrian Odyssey from my friend, but now I fired it up. Addicting! Awesome music! Cute characters! Aaaand.... Hard as hell! What is YOUR fav. 3DS rpg? Let me know! (Mine is Fire Emblem, Aw.). 

Anyways, let me post some Bethany images:) 
... from the end of the year batch. I'll post more as soon as I have time, for now there is 4 image, which I like most (because of the model, the costume or the pose - or whatever reason:) 
.... woman/girl characters obviously. Strong and self confident, bigmouth and not afraid about men (aliens, animals, spiders, you name it), not panicking in tricky situations and escaping danger with a grace and style. That's what I like in female characters - however I also love "tee-hee cutiee I am so naaaaive" chars, I do prefer the strong girls. So I'll post cosplays of "them", starting with (who else?) our beloved Lara (updated 2013 version:) 
So, my next idea for a collection is: interesting curves! We all love curves, so in the next few days, let's check out some of my favourites.  One curvy body for each day, for a week! (In case I'll by lazy and forget to update, then maybe 2/day hee-hee)
Our "Best of 2013" video is up (on Youtube - time to guess, which girl and costume placed number 1. Oh, wait, no need to guess - jut go check out the list, and see:) Also, I'll post the entries, in chaotic order (haha, you know me), starting with no#5: Sonya-Kyra-Blade!
Ok, so I was sitting in front of my lappie, and I was thinking (with serious face and raised eyebrows): what kind of images should I post next time? There are a lot of themes to choose from (ie: best costume, fav. props, fav. wigs, and so on...) but then one of my colleauges seen my collection, and he told me a very clever(?) (funny? haha) idea. He said: look Ton, nothing can beat a nice bottom in a tight and shiny costume. Well, I don't know, I guess it's a "mens thing", (I prefer shoes, hee-hee) but okay. So here we are, this week (and proably next week too) I will post the favourite bottoms of the CE team. Let's see who has the best backside lol!

Staaaaaaay tuned! 
Sometimes there are costumes, that looks like "easy" to do, but when you start working on them, they just made your head spinning. Hard to sew materials, impossible joint-points (yeah, them crazy-clothes easy to do in 3D modelling and concept-art for the gamer designers, but in real life? nowaiiii) - difficulties with the colors, or props that made you crazy. My new miniseries will showing off these: costumes, that looks like easy, but in reraility: they are not:)  Starting with Lana-babe, as Harley. By the way, I am back from holliday, it was cool (and short:)

Ok, so I am going to holliday for a few weeks - but before leaving, let me post my latest fav. image of me: I am a zombie (scary face). I eat braaaaaaains... Will back soon, everybody have fun at summer! Kisses, Angela

This week, I will be posting... posting... (thinking about a theme)... (failing!): I'll post random hotness! *giggles*  We all need our random-chaotic period sometimes, right?:) Let me start with one of my all time fav.- character, from one of my all time fav. game (sadly, a very underrated "hidden-gem" game): Jeanette, from VTMB!
I think the title says everything - be prepared for the adult-week!
So, we are done with the superhero(ine) weeekend, I hope everybody enjoyed it - I just had an idea, regarding the theme of the pics for the next weekend... Special FX! Cosplay, nice girls, and some special effects - I'll post my favourites from this category soon. Stay tuned!

So..... for the next few weekend I will upload my all time fav superheroine cosplays (yes, I am a superhero and comic fan, don't judge me:) The characters will include all kind of heroines, mostly in the costumes I enjoyed making the most (no, not Supergirl, that's overused:))) Let's start with my latest pet-project: Hit-Girl! I sooo love Mindy:)
Thanks all for the awesome RPG suggestions at last week (I'll go with Witcher2 and trying Chronotrigger iPhone-version, and then play the rest). Anyways, while I'm waiting for my Witcher2, playing with my all time favourite "lil'silly'sumfin" - yes, it's Torchlight 2! No need to think, no need to strategy, putting it on casual, and Pwnage/pewpew with my engineer-girl (named "Liuna" btw, after my lil'sis:) Perfect fun, perfect joy - especially when I have only 10-30mins of free time to play. Anyways, what do you guys think: Diablo 3 or Torchligh 2? Which one is "THE" ARPG/hackslash/loot game of 2012? Who did best? Let me hear!


Hey guys, so I'll have a bit-o-free time to play on the next few days, so please Recommend me a really good, awesome (shocking-eye-tearing-surprising-epicness) story RPG

Ok, it doesnt need to be RPG, can be any kind of game - I just want a really good story. Recommend me something!:) To help a bit there, I'am already played (and loved) these "awesome story" games, so please do not recommend these: HeavyRain, ME series, DAO, Jade Empire, DeusEx (even 2 and HR)  and the KOTORs:), also finished FO:NV. Are there any other games with a good story out there beside these lol? Let me know!
Ok, no one hates Bioware more, than I, because of the canon ME3 ending (well, maybe I am not alone hehe), but this thime I must admit: guys, you at Bioware... you are rock. This last DLC is just awesome, oh if this would be the original ending (dreraming...)

Anyway, it's well worth the 1200ms point, nicehumour  (even if somewhat weird especially in the dark Mass Effect 3-tone) and cheesy one-liners, hillarious!:) Loved it!:)
Everybody told me: "c'mon, this game is not as good"... But I am a LOTR fan, so I gave it a try. Is the game epic, you ask? ...going on a big scale, open world-rpg-goodness? Well, it's not. However, it's a really (and I mean *really*) decent high quality hack/slash (with diablo-stlye loot, yay!) in the LOTR universe! What else we need for a long weekend? A good mindless loot-hoarding game in the wonderful LOTR setting, with familiar character cameos?:) So I say: LOTR War In The North: 8/10, really good! Just don't except a skyrim-like big thing, it's more like a LOTR-Torchlight or Diablo:)