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How To Make Epaulettes

Tutorial of How to Make Epaulettes, cheap and easy.
because we are all hungry poor cosplayers.
Questions? Please use the comment box.

I hope it helps.

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++SungHyul's my doogle dA, and I never bothered to move my cosplay stuff to this one. ^^;
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TempuraBaka's avatar
Oh gosh this is a lifesaver! I plan on doing a Satsuki Kiryuin cosplay and this will help out a lot! Thank you!!
kitsuDangelo's avatar
i don't know who you are, but i'll find you, and i'll marry you XD thank you so much for this tutorials, you're awesome !! from france with love ! *3*
xXFreaky-SunXx's avatar
Thank you so much. That's exactly what I need. *.*
tsukasa-hime's avatar
This just saved my liiiife
I'm cosplaying Hamlet Kurloz and had no idea how I was going to make these. As in "well I can just pin them to my shoulder right" no idea.
SuperSaiyanTrunks's avatar
My Juri cosplay will be beautiful!
Alterax's avatar
OMG thanks!!! You save me :D
SupaPowMia's avatar
This is going to be a life saver! I need epaulettes for my Prussia cosplay and all the ones I looked at were ultra expensive. Such a useful tutorial.
Lightning123698745's avatar
Thanks so much for this! I'm cosplaying Latvia (at some point), but I've never made a costume before and I was so worried about it. You're a real life saver.
Takai-Taka's avatar
I think I would try this for my Gundam wing cosplay that im working on.This one seem easier then some of the Tutorials that I found.
luvmonkeys's avatar
Wonderful tutorial. I'm trying to remake my Latvia cosplay. So this will come in handy.
Gothi-chan's avatar
thanks this will make it easier when I make Bloody Sunday outfit of Russia. And it'll be a fun experience, thanks :3 -faves for later ref-
luvmonkeys's avatar
Bloody Sunday Russia!? Awsome! I cosplay latvia all the time 8D
Gothi-chan's avatar
8D Hehehe Aww -hugs-
splatgoestomato's avatar
=3= ~~<3

Thank you.
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