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Snorlax Inspired Zipper Hoodie

Our Snorlax inspired zipper jacket modeled by :thumb206468307: :sleepy:

We made the ears, face, and belly from sweatshirt fleece fabric. The felt eyes and mouth were finished with a zigzag stitch, the face and belly's edges were folded under and topstitched, and the ears were hand sewn onto the hood. This hoodie is super snuggly and warm; perfect for taking a looooong nap!
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Hii! I want this!! please tell me how much it cost and where can I buy it? pleaaaaaase! 
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Do you take commission for this? My boyfriend is a huge lover of snorlax :>
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Hey, I love your cosplay, it looks amazing. :D I’m making a video of the PokeRap, but with cosplay pics for the Pokémon. I was wondering if maybe I could use your cosplay pic for my video. I will credit you, and I will let you know when it’s finished. Thank you. :)

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Sure! You can use our photos. That sounds like an awesome idea, we want to see when it's done! :D
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Cool. I'll let you know when it's finished. :)
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I was wondering if you have some of these adorable sweatshirts in stock? I have been looking for months to find one I have come back to look at this one several times. Would you mind telling me if there is some in stock, and what your pricing them at? I have checked your Etsy shop and looks like its about $70.00? cx

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Name your price! Is there some sort of newsletter notifying when this item will be relisted?
Okay, I seriously want one! I love Snorlax; he's the best pokemon ever!
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I will be purchasing one of these from you immediately if you decide to list it again! :D
Hey do you guys plan to stock these again soon? Can I get an exact link. I'm definitely interested in a size small of one of these!!
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Hi, they will be up in the shop again by the end of next week. :)
could you give me the exact link where I can buy the hoodie ??
because in your site i don't find the hoodie :(
thanks :)
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Sorry about that! We only list a few hoodies a month. We will be relisting the hoodies again in a few days.
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Why did you stop making them? D: </3
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We still make them! We relist a few every month. :)
KawaiiPanderrr's avatar
Oh my days, seriously? Name your price D: <3
Hey I Want One!!! Please
Do you have some now???
i noticed the color on the pullover is darker, is it possible to get THIS color on the pullover?????
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You must tell me how much, you don't understand how long I have searched for something this grand. So please I beg of you, give me a price
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how much? pleaaaseeeee!!
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