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Shoe Painting Tutorial

I had some progress pictures and decided to make a tutorial out of them. I hope this helps somebody out there. :D

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oh man, this is so helpful! i was wracking my brain, trying to figure out how i could make boot covers for my Keith (from Voltron: Legendary Defender) cosplay, but it'll be so much easier to paint the boots, themselves. that way, they'll look better, and i can wear them for daily use without feeling silly, hehe.
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Ack you're cosplaying Keith too? That's awesome, I've got his boots but...may I ask how the painting went on yours?
ToshiNeku's avatar
I haven't gotten to the painting part yet lol
I've been low on money for a while, and buying Angelus Leather Paint isn't exactly at the top of my essentials, you know? If I had enough income, I might be able to purchase some, seeing as they're only like $9-ish each (making it almost $30, since i require 3 colors), but at this point, I'm worried buying aloe for my sunburn will send me into debt lmao

If I somehow find the means to afford the paint and get the job done, I'll definitely get back to you. Sorry I couldn't be of more help! 
itsonlyaspark's avatar
No worries! I'm just trying to get multiple opinions on paint jobs for boots since I'm in a financial pinch too! 

But I would love to see how it goes for you!
DeadskullBroscircus's avatar
I painted the bottom of my shoes, and they were slippery- for those of you with the same problems, They sell non-slip shoe pads at Walmart and stuff. They're like 2-3 dollars, so theres a cheep solution! ;3
AceandJet's avatar
thank you this helped!!
RavynneNevyrmore's avatar
Aaaahhh thank you so much for this! :meow:  Looks like there are a few places that sell Angelus in NYC.  (And I might be painting a rather expensive pair of shoes soon, so I appreciate knowing how to do it first and making sure I'm using the best product!)
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Does the spray paint hold up on these shoes? Because I've spray painted wedges before (without the use of acetone), and the paint flaked off as the shoes bent in movement. 
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How well did the paint hold up on the shoes? Did it crack or chip anywhere? I'm looking at painting a pair of boots for my Mami Tomoe cosplay, but I'm not sure what method I should use to do it.
VilKokeshiYin's avatar
I was thinking of mixing acrylic paint with mid podge to paint a pair of flats. 
DeadskullBroscircus's avatar
i did that, It makes your shoes slippery. So if you do this, buy non-slip pads for the bottom of your shoes 
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omg...I'm so glad I found this. I was planning on making Jack Walker's shoes ( from the 9th Pokemon movie) but was going to build them from a base shoe and craft foam.....which I'm sure would work just as well (found a tutorial on how to do so on youtube)....but this seems so much easier! 

Plus...finding the right kind of base shoe for the craft foam one has been like finding a needle in a haystack OTL. But just finding a shoe that matches like this isn't hard. I've seen several shoes that would work, but the colors were wrong (obviously). Never thought to just re-paint them. Thank you so much for this! 
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Good luck with your project! <3
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I wish i found this tutorial before i painted my grell shoes, but alas now i can re do them. Do you think this would work for canvas shoes
? Or would you suggest some other paint??
CosplayCousins's avatar
You could use this method for canvas shoes as well. Angelus leather paint is another option that works great on canvas.
AlternitiveUniverse's avatar
Okay cool, im not sure we have those products here in australia. But i shall looksie
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Piuna's avatar
Oh my! honney you've helped me a lot. I was thinking about using spray paint for black shoes, but i wasn't sure. Now i've seen how your blue shoes turned out i'm going right to the paint store!
CosplayCousins's avatar
Yay! I've used spray paint before and it cracked so bad. There is a chance that this stuff can crack too though if the shoe bends a lot. Angelus leather paint is my new favorite paint for shoes but it's harder to find than the Design Master spray and it has to be brushed on. Good luck with your project! -Tranquility
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Great tutorial! :D Did you put something on the paint to protect it?
CosplayCousins's avatar
No, but that's probably a good idea. I didn't have time to test clear coats.
nyunyucosplay's avatar
I love this floral spray method! It really works well. I'm surprised you were able to make darker shoes lighter! I wasn't able to, but I didn't try using a white base coat. And wow, it sticks to patent leather!? I haven't tried that yet, either. Thanks for the tutorial. :)
CosplayCousins's avatar
Yes! Since I've made this tutorial I've started using Angelus Leather paint and I really like it too.
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This tutorial was really helpful. ^_^
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