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Hiya! We are Hanamaru(Hannah) and Tranquility(Laura) aka Cosplay Cousins. We are just two cousins who cosplay together and couldn't come up with a better name. We enjoy making and wearing our own costumes and going to conventions with our friends. We love cosplay because it's an addictive form of 3d fanart that combines sewing, drawing, painting, sculpting, hairstyling, makeup, and photography into a single hobby!

This is a shared account to display our costume pictures, convention snapshots, journal entries, and items we have for sale. Thanks for visiting! :D

Megacon 2013

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Hello to anyone who's still out there! We just updated our account for the first time in months. Sorry about that. Real life has been crazy lately, but cosplay is still our #1 favorite hobby and we plan to do it for a long time. <3 We just attended Megacon in Orlando, Florida and had a blast as always. We were asked to be a part of Kapalaka ('s sailor scout group and we had fun cosplaying along with AlouetteCosplay (, K-chan323 (, VertigoVendetta (, HoodedWoman (, and ExileFayt ( They are all amazing people and cosplayers so check out their pages. We were Sailor Saturn and Pluto. Sailor fukus are trickier to make than t
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On to D*Con

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Hi everyone! Here's our Anime Festival Orlando photos from last weekend: Con Snapshots On Facebook: AFO Album We had a blast as always. :) We've been neglecting this page and slacking with our cosplay stuff lately so sorry about that! Real life comes first. We are starting to get very very excited about our first trip to Atlanta's Dragon*Con in a few weeks though! We have our tickets, flights, and hotel preparations ready to go. All that's left for us to finish is... costumes. Dun dun dunn. Hopefully we will have some new costumes finished in time! Anyone have any general advice for two D*C newbies? <3 Edit: Here's our costume schedule
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Metrocon 2012

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We are back from Metrocon! We cosplayed on Saturday as Belle and Pocahontas and we had a good time. We just uploaded our convention photos here: Con Snapshots We also posted them on our Facebook  page along with some extra costume contest pics so tag yourself and your friends! <3 We've been a bit busy lately, but expect to see some new costumes from us over the next few months. Next up on our convention list is AFO in Orlando and Dragon*Con in Atlanta!
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Hello there. I'm making in onlone film series that is cosplay related. I can really use some support from cosplayers everywhere. I made a blog on what the series is about:…
Looks like you guys had some fun at Metro. Hope that included getting a few shots of your own!
It was fun! I was only there on Saturday and snapped a few hall photos. I wore my Ranma costume just to be comfortable, and didn't really have anything new to show off. New stuff is coming soon! :)
Well, I'm just glad to see positive reports coming in after hearing about the Mineorama and Dashcon disasters. I'll look forward to new stuff on the horizon!

Also, I heard about your recent nuptials! Congratulations! Clap  Would totally give you a squee if my voice still went that high.
Yeah, Dashcon.. heard it was a big mess!
Thank you so much for the congrats! :)
Thanks for watching! Hug