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Rocky, The Red Ranger - BLADE And BLASTER! 2 #MMPR by DashingTonyDrake
Ryo Saeba - City Hunter - Just a Hunter! by DashingTonyDrake
The Riddler - Fear for Nobody by DashingTonyDrake
Jolyne Cujoh Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Attack on Titan
Shingeki no Kyojin - Petra 2 by KiaraBerry
Shingeki no Kyojin: young heichou Levi by GeshaPetrovich
Shingeki no Kyojin : Levi Ackerman by GeshaPetrovich
Annie Leonhardt the Female Titan by ImNotMizu
Free! cosplay // Makoto Tachibana by DAIxSORA
Yessir! // F r e e by Shinkyokai
FREE!! Splash! by GeshaPetrovich
Free cosplay // Merry Christmas! by DAIxSORA
Guilty Crown
Guilty Crown: Crown of Thorns by Astellecia
My Dearest:::::::::: by Witchiko
: E V E R L A S T I N G : by wildmushrooms
Guilty Crown - Inori Yuzuriha by kirawinter
Fate-Stay Night
Saber by Shazzsteel
Fate Extra by elitecosplay
Saber by elitecosplay
Saber Lily by KirikoSan
Rei Ayanami Plugsuit by Horitsu
Asuka Langley by TaisiaFlyagina
Ae as Rei Ayanami by AE-cosplay
Evangelion Unit-00 by Rinaca-Cosplay
ATLA Cosplay by TaryBelmont
Ty Lee from Avatar: the Last Airbender by mariesturges
Brainstorming, Zhu-Li Do the thing! by TheEmpiresGuild
Avatar the Last Airbender - Bring It by GreenTea-Cosplay
Studio Ghibli
The Promise of The World by kevin-oinky
Howl's Moving Castle by Gerlequine-Seigen
Spirited Away 12 by Tanuki-Tinka-Asai
Howl and Sophie by studioK2
Helga by Boxjelly1
Sinclair by Boxjelly1
Helga Sinclair by Boxjelly1
Baby Yoda (Grogu) And Lady Chewie by JUMBOLA
Powergirl - DC Comics by FioreSofen
The Avengers: Age of Ultron - Quicksilver by mariesturges
Hindsight by Ryoko-demon
Harry Potter
Bellatrix Lestrange cosplay by FLovett
Vocaloid: Shinkai Shoujo by MartinaEdelstein
Final Fantasy
Miqo'te Cosplay by AllyAuer
Legend of Zelda
A Castle in Ruins by The-MoonSquid
Sakura and Ino by StygianVI
Hetalia - Nyo Germany - Wait for the kill by SovietMentality
Macross Frontier
Koyuki - Sheryl Nome by Nlghtmal2e
Trinity Blood
TRINITY BLOOD - Esther kethuda 1 by AmuChiiBunny
Sailor Moon
Wicked Lady Cosplay by AllyAuer
Zer0 Borderlands2 cosplay sword replica by CrafterFold
Other Series

Mature Content

Hazbin Hotel - Charlie by FaeDcay


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We support Cosplay/Anime/Gaming/Comic Book/etc. groups and feel free to become one of our affiliates.
EDIT: I have added to our Props/Tutorial folders W.I.P. (Work in Progress) I have seen that many cosplayers like to get input while they are making the costume. My only rule in this is please still have some quality in the photo. I have submitted an example. Thank you for your time.

I would like to apologize for how long the results for our Look-Alike contest have taken for me to publish. I would like to congratulate Carancerth on winning our first ever contest. His Lestat cosplay went above and beyond expectations with stunning accuracy in bringing this character to life. Please send your felicitations his way :)  I would like to personally thank everyone who participated and spread the word.  I wanted to inform you all that I have made changes(and will continue to do so) to our group as of late. I have added new folders by what is most frequently cosplayed in our group. You may have also noticed that I have deleted some as well, I got rid of ones that people barely submitted to and hopefully now it is now more up to date.

      Now I wish to speak of other matters, if you are interesting in being more involved in this group by being a contributor or co-founder please let me know. Why am I asking this now you may ask? Well, to put it simply and not to bore you is this: You all do not know this but I am very ill I have been for many years and it has been getting harder for me to function in activities of life every year. I have many medical problems diseases, syndromes, et cetera. That is why this group has been so dead lately, I usually do not feel well enough to keep up with it. I am having an extreme bit of insomnia and I got my first infusion of the week so I think I can pull this off right now (I hope this blog turns out alright ^^;)  I would also like to thank you guys again for still being here even after my poor up-keeping. If you have any thoughts, feelings or even criticisms about Cosplay Central, feel free to let me know. I want to make this the most pleasant and beneficial group I can make it. Even if you are not interested in any of this, can I implore you to comment anyway?  

       Don't forget our winner: :iconcarancerth: Please comment and favourite his pictures! :

Lestat : Staring by Carancerth   Want Trouble ? The Joker - Batman DC cosplay by Carancerth   Irvine Kinneas from Gabaldia Garden by Carancerth   Arthas Menethil: Warcraft Myst of Pandaria  event by Carancerth   Misty Bull by Carancerth
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