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Just a quick note here.....we finished our Mass Effect Legion dress! This was an original creation based off and inspired by the art work of Deviant Artist Fizzybopper.…
The artwork was beautiful and inspired us to create a comfortable, yet stylish, cosplay related dress to wear at conventions when you really need to relax and get out of the armor for awhile. We started with Fizzybopper's artwork and made a few cosplay inspired changes. We replaced the bow at the waist with a hole in the dress and then inserted some sparkly, reflective material and mounted some twinkly lights behind the hole. This represents the hole and lights Legion has in his side. We added some tubes and wires in various places (neck and waist), an LED light was inserted in the neck piece (to represent his "eye"), and we even made a spine that lights up :)  We also changed the sleeve from the poofy one in the artwork to an elongated one (like in Game of Thrones, lol) and added the Mass Effect red and white stripes down the sleeve.  All in all we are pretty happy with how it came out, plus it is very comfy!
We would like to thank Fizzybopper for giving us the inspiration and creating some beautiful dress ideas, without her work this would not have been possible!
Check out Fizzybopper's art work, and check out our Mass Effect album too!……
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March 29, 2013


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