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Just a quick note here.....we finished our Mass Effect Legion dress! This was an original creation based off and inspired by the art work of Deviant Artist Fizzybopper.…
The artwork was beautiful and inspired us to create a comfortable, yet stylish, cosplay related dress to wear at conventions when you really need to relax and get out of the armor for awhile. We started with Fizzybopper's artwork and made a few cosplay inspired changes. We replaced the bow at the waist with a hole in the dress and then inserted some sparkly, reflective material and mounted some twinkly lights behind the hole. This represents the hole and lights Legion has in his side. We added some tubes and wires in various places (neck and waist), an LED light was inserted in the neck piece (to represent his "eye"), and we even made a spine that lights up :)  We also changed the sleeve from the poofy one in the artwork to an elongated one (like in Game of Thrones, lol) and added the Mass Effect red and white stripes down the sleeve.  All in all we are pretty happy with how it came out, plus it is very comfy!
We would like to thank Fizzybopper for giving us the inspiration and creating some beautiful dress ideas, without her work this would not have been possible!
Check out Fizzybopper's art work, and check out our Mass Effect album too!……
As we say farewell to 2012 and "well hello there!" to 2013, we look back on some of our favorite pictures and moments of the past year. Please enjoy :)

Happy Non-Denomination Winter Holiday Festival Season from all of us here at Cosplay4UsAll! May your New Year be filled with joy, good health, and cosplay happiness!

We have been busy doing commissions and prepping for our projects for next year. It is incredible the amount of time that is required to research some of these things! I could use a clone or two ;)

Two of our projects require a very nice cast of Courtney's head, so we spent some time making a lifecast using Smooth-On Body Double, rather than the usual alginate method. Wow, it was so much better!
Please enjoy the video of our adventure in casting....

A picture tutorial can also be found on our Facebook page…
Well we are back from both GenCon and Dragon*Con! What an amazing summer it has been! Reconnected with old friends, made many, many new friends, and seen some absolutely stunning cosplays.
We participated in both a mass Dragon Age photoshoot (with celebrity guest appearances!) and a HUGE Mass Effect photoshoot (also with celebrity guest appearances!!). Since we took almost 1000 pictures (plus video!) at Dragon*Con alone, it would be impossible to post them here.

Please visit our website for stories, many, many photos and videos of our convention-filled summer!

We also tweaked a few pieces of our Hawke armor (pics coming soon) and our currently at work wrapping up some commissions. Then it will be time to begin work on what is shaping up to be our biggest, baddest, most complex costume yet! We have never seen this particular cosplay done yet (maybe for good reason since it is just INSANE!), but if we can figure out a way to make it feasible it will most likely take until next years con season to complete! We are keeping the idea under wraps at the moment, but stay tuned for the details in the near future!

We have been hard at work trying to get all our old cosplays tuned up and our new cosplays completed before the Triple-Convention month of August. Ichigo's outfit is complete, as is the dress for our Silent Hill nurse. Our pyramid heads have been revamped and given new great knives and the work continues on the blade for Ichigo as well as the latex mask for the nurse. If you haven't already done so, check out our gallery for tons of new pictures of our work in progress.

Meanwhile, please enjoy our latest video on our YouTube channel;
Finishing up and weathering the Silent Hill nurse dress.

Please enjoy our latest video on YouTube....our very first attempt at making a head and shoulders lifecast!
Oh my, what fun!
Subscribe to our channel for more interesting videos!

For those who are interested, here is the video of how we made the body form shown in our gallery.

Don't forget to check out our other videos at our YouTube page, or in our earlier Journal entries!
Just finished writing an article on how we made the Staff  of Parthalan prop.  Feel free to check it out and see if it answers any questions.…

We also just posted a video on the process we used for turning the Silent Hill Nurse dress from a plain dress to a latex dress! Watch and enjoy :)

Thank you so very much to everyone who has added us to their favourites. And a big WELCOME!!!! to all our new followers! We are taking a very brief break to catch our breath from making Lady Hawke, then it will be back in to action making our next project. Not quite sure yet which it will be, but stay tuned and you'll know soon!
Spent quite awhile uploading all the pictures taken at C2E2 convention in Chicago, Illinois this weekend. Awesome costumes galore! Visit our facebook page to view more yummy costuming!
Well, we debuted Lady Hawke this weekend at C2E2 in Chicago, IL. She was a smash hit! We would post pictures but the "premium" internet speed at the Hyatt Regency is literally half of dial up speed (yes, that would be 26kbps).
Stay tuned and when we get back home we will post some here, and a TON on our website and facebook pages. (see links on our home page)
Here is a video describing the build of the Staff of Parthalan.

Another great video by my hubby and partner at Cosplay4UsAll.  This time it is his "how to" video on making chainmail.

I haven't had a chance to get the Adam Syringe pictures together yet.  However, we do have a video of my husband with it, describing the fabrication process.

Please watch, enjoy, and feel free to comment.  Pictures will be coming soon :)