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Mabon. Witch's pot.. by Fealin-Meril
Two generations, same heart by Usagitxo
Bigby Wolf / The Wolf Among Us (Cosplay) - 04 by JayCosplay

Mature Content

Bioshock - Little Sister cosplay by DariaAmbrosia
I do not pay attention to the folders
Icon Contest
Tamamo no Mae Cosplay cute foxy kiss by AliceNero
Black Cat - Kitty got claws by Rinaca-Cosplay
Damage Control by Rinaca-Cosplay
Counterparts by Rinaca-Cosplay
Adventure Time
Zelda - Breath of the Wild by Shappi
Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time by KuroiZetsubo
Princess Bubblegum - Adventure Time by KuroiZetsubo
Fionna x Marshall Lee Cosplay Adventure Time by LinebeckCosplayArt
Alice in Wonderland Original + Inspired media
Alice by Karnivan
Queen of Hearts by 3Days2Go
Real Life Disney by CovenGirls by covengirls
Are you lost? by ryumo
Assassins Creed
Aya the Assassin from Egypt by KaoYoruse
Death is your gift by KaoYoruse
Aya's waiting for Bayek by KaoYoruse
Assassin's Creed Origins/ Bayek of Siwa Cosplay by Blink005
Attack on Titan
Titan attacks by taruinen
Ymir and Historia by MarinaArens
Ymir by MarinaArens
Sasha x Krista Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Avatar - Legend of Korra
You shouldn't be fighting on your own by nemesisz-moon
Mai Avatar cosplay - The Beach episode by DrosselTira
A Song of Fire and Ice by nemesisz-moon
Aang - Avatar State by Juggernaut-Art
Axis Power Hetalia
Hungary Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Hungary Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Hungary Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Hungary Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
A little gambling is fun when you're with me by alystrin
Mad Moxxi Valentine's Day 3 by DariaRooz
Mad Moxxi and Handsome Jack Valentine's Day 2 by DariaRooz
Mad Moxxi and Handsome Jack Valentine's Day 1 by DariaRooz
DC -All media-
Black Canary - 2 by AveragePhotographer
Disney - Tv - Pixar
The little mermaid by elara-dark
Dragon Age
Dragon Age Inquisitor by tajfu
Fairy Tail
Erza and Cana (Fairy Tail) Nerd Show Bologna 2019 by Groucho91
Fate series
Mordred Fate/Grand Order cosplay by DrosselTira
Final Fantasy
Rinoa - You're going to like me! by SoraPaopu
Game of thrones
Mother of Dragons by astelvert
Damara Megido Cosplay by lochlanoneil
Kantai Collection
Kancolle ~Shimakaze~ by dejikodaioh
Kingdom Hearts
I know I'll find you... by TanyaNoAtelier
Kill la kill
Power Girl II by MayuAkane
Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian Michaelis by Xeno-Photography
League of Legends
Annie by slivovayaSva
Legend of Zelda
Anime Central 2019 Zelda by FinalFantasyCosplays
Love Live
Love Live! - Circus Nishikino Maki by Xeno-Photography
Magi the labyrinth of magic
Drakon introduces himself - Sinbad no Bouken by HaouJudai
Marvel -all media-
Mary Jane by Shiera13
My Little Pony
MLP - French Rarity by tajfu
Naruto and Sasuke by Dropchocolate
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Mari Makinami Illustrious Starbucks photosession by jurisdictia
One Piece
My cute friends by Gaarakira
BC18 - Wrecking Ball and Genji by BlizzardTerrak
Leafeon gijinka cosplay - Eeveelution DnD by Morgawze
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Magica by Yafira
Resident Evil

Mature Content

RE4 - Ada Wong - DID - Captured by SovietMentality
Tai and Raven by Vampyna
Sailor Moon
fun fun fun by lunatycy-project
The Lusty Argonian Maid Cosplay by elenasamko
Maintenance (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cosplay) by DrJorus
Star Wars
may the force be whit you - Rey ep VIII by Makicreazion
Super Sonico
First Astronomical Velocity 1 - Girls band by simakai
Sword Art Online
Sword Art Online II - Asuna Yuuki by Xeno-Photography
The Witcher
Wapierz by Hadvi
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul - Shuu Tsukiyama - Mask by Krisild
Macalaure  by MarinaArens
Tomb Raider
My Determination -  Lara Croft by FuriaeTheGoddess
Hatsune Miku Rotten Girl Grotesque Romance Cosplay by Bizarre-Deer
Wizarding World of JK Rowling
Goldstein sisters mocon2019 by sauronushka
World of Warcraft
Sylvanas Windrunner - Warchief of the Horde by star-nacho
Code Geass: Hopeful Little Bird by starrys
Spring in Doriath. Luthien. by Fealin-Meril
Monarch and Dr.Girlfriend by DarkOneCosplay
Comics and WebComics
Hump Day? by Ivy95
Isla manga 2018-The Queen of the Tofus by Yafira
Captain Jack Sparrow And Wonder Woman by JUMBOLA
Fight Games
You look delicious by FranXcos
Booette - Super Mario by KuroiZetsubo
Sakura stars bless you by Makicreazion
Astrid and Hiccup Cosplay from HTTYD3 by PakuPaku-Ru
Fling Posse by dejikodaioh
Elven ranger professional shoot -XIII by ArwendeLuhtiene
Desert by melusinne
You'll burn in Hell Fire by Schwarzedelweiss
Upper-Arm Plates Wearing Tutorial by StealthNinja5
WIP folder
Sengoku Blue Beet Cosplay Complete by StealthNinja5

Hi everyone,

We are so sorry for the lack of updates! Time got away from us. Anyone else find that this year is going awfully fast? But we are back! We'll try to do better and get this place up and running properly again. Starting with a feature friday! Go check out all these awesome cosplayers!

Bayek of Siwa /Assassin's Creed: Origins cosplay by Blink005 Annie Leonhart by Dropchocolate It's Gotham, baby by FaerieBlossom Midnight by TrishaLayons Anastasia by Irina-cosplay Chat Noir cosplay (miraculous ladybug) by Tushkanchik666 Mulan by Lady-I-Hellsing Yuna Rikku Paine Final Fantasy X-2 Cosplay by AGflower Melisandre cosplay, Starcon 2017 by Shiera13 Sansa Stark Cosplay by mo-s-art You can do it. by AetheyaCosplay LoL - Syndra by MilliganVick I'll show these house cats real claws! by szarancza-a Songbird - Thunderbolts - Marvel Comics by FioreSofen Domino - Marvel Comics by FioreSofen Spider-Man and Black Cat Cosplay Marvel Comics by AGflower Shikamaru Nara cosplay by Elena89Hikari ASUKA. 09 by TaisiaFlyagina Battle Nami by MinoruneTomo Mercy by Pugoffka-sama Overwatch: I've Got You in My Sights by My13Memories Overwatch: I've Got Your Back by My13Memories Winged Victory Mercy Cosplay by ReaganKathryn Ruby Rose by IlunaNeko Yennefer (The Witcher: The Last Wish). by Fealin-Meril Battle Proven / Eskel The Witcher 3 Cosplay by KADArt-Cosplay Lara Croft - Tomb Raider cosplay I. by EnjiNight Yu-Gi-Oh!:Kaiba 1 by AlluGraphie Rem (Re:Zero) - I will believe in you! by curiosityorarrogance loneliness in wheat by sauronushka Hisoka cosplay by Elena89Hikari Shaman King cosplay - Faust 8  Eliza by Tushkanchik666 Sangokushi Taisen: Warrioress by general-kuroru Kate Marsh by ClaireSea

Mature Content

Bioshock - Little Sister cosplay by DariaAmbrosia
Bigby Wolf / The Wolf Among Us (Cosplay) - 04 by JayCosplay Two generations, same heart by Usagitxo Mabon. Witch's pot.. by Fealin-Meril

And those are all our features for this week!

Have a great day everyone!

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