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If you want to take part in our international competiton, go to! The Grand Ceremony will take place in Switzerland, during the 17th edition of JapAniManga Night!

Our jury has finally made their decision and now we are revealing the semi-finalists, the finalists and two winners of our cosplay competition on the new CGA site:

- See more at:…

Cosplay GEN has officially opened its most awaited competition and challenges you to take part in the Cosplay GEN Awards! Embark in this cosplay adventure, cultivate your skills and gather all the fruits of your efforts and enthusiasm! Take pride in your characters, come on board and register!

- See more at:

NHK WORLD TV’s Kawaii International presents “Tokyo Above-Underground: Fashion Show by Misha Janette”, introducing the latest Tokyo street styles by 10 unique Japanese designers. Filmed at Club Verboten in Brooklyn on August 29, 2015.  “Tokyo Above-Underground” showcases several looks never seen before in the US including Vintage Fairy, Kawaii Anarchy, Hyper-Decora and Future Asian.

Cosplay GEN has always tried to bring you the most diverse of selections, from diva outfits to body suits and heavy armors, and this issue is no exception. This time, we chose to bring forth something a bit different, which we considered no less worth of attention, and that is mecha cosplay, splendid metal mobile suits with a human inside.…
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Adventures in Spiritworld  [Legend of Korra] by ChikaraSan
KILL la KILL I by kazenary
Cosplay Linkle from Hyrule Warriors by MahoCosplay
Lina, the Slayer by Butrix-Production
Cosplay GEN 09
Cover Cosplay GEN #09 by otakumag
Goldy (JP) by otakumag
Profile: Chinhy Sou (VN) by otakumag
Profile: Emperor (RU) by otakumag
Cosplay GEN 08
Cosplay GEN 08 Preview by otakumag
Cosplay GEN 08 Preview by otakumag
Cosplay GEN 08 Preview by otakumag
Cosplay GEN 08 Preview by otakumag
Cosplay Gen Preview
TASHA by otakumag
Ryoko by otakumag
Pixelninja by otakumag
Hydeaoi by otakumag
Kiki by Taykonderoga
Archmage by Taykonderoga
Griffith's Saber - Berserk by BlastFlame
Teresa's Claymore - Claymore by BlastFlame
Worldwide Fans Submissions
Cosplay GEN 05
Cosplay GEN #05 - remixed photo as illustration by otakumag
Cosplay GEN #05 - remixed photo as illustration by otakumag
Cosplay GEN #05 - remixed photo as illustration by otakumag
Cosplay GEN #05 - remixed photo as illustration by otakumag
Featured archive volume II
The Legend of Zelda - Mojo's Messenger by TrustOurWorldNow
The Legend of Zelda - Forest Whisper by TrustOurWorldNow
Sleeping Beauty by Giorgiacosplay
Anna Williams by maya-misare
Featured archive volume I
I'm waiting for you Youta::: by Witchiko
RK: Inner Peace by nekomiKasai
AFA 2011 - 02 by shiroang
AFA 11' - MAGI - Aladdin by lavena-lav
Rinzler helmet turtorial by Tenraii
TUTORIAL - Ryuko's wig by MiciaGlo
How to craft basic armor part w. WFA [Tutorial 3] by cyehra
Card Captor Sakura-Ultimate Staff TUTORIAL by tercysakura
Featured archive volume III
Survivor by GrimalkinCosplay
Featured archive volume IV
Highschool Of The Dead - Saya Takagi Cosplay by MelodyxNya
Featured archive volume V
Final Fantasy VIII girls: Rinoa and Selphie by ElenaLeetah

About Cosplay Gen

Cosplay Gen is a collectible magazine (due to its book-like appearance), published twice a year. It is entirely non-profit, self-financed and contains no advertising, therefore its purchasing contributes directly to the next issue.

Cosplay Gen is an independent magazine (no ADS) focused on the worldwide promoting of cosplayers and of various Japanese and Asian fashion trends. We idolize cosplayers from around the world and we cherish their amazing work by publishing extended interviews; reviews from various cosplay events; articles centered on cosplay photography, cosplay trends, cutting edge Japanese pop culture.

It’s a project born out of our deep love for the cosplay phenomenon and for Japanese contemporary fashion culture, resulting from the continuous need to highlight, recognize and celebrate such tremendous creativity. We consider that a good project is always a useful one, regardless of many other means to accomplish this purpose. From our point of view there are always new and exciting trends, metamorphoses and mutations. Therefore, a strong collaboration with the best of contributors is our aim, bringing forth such materials to a very heterogeneous, enthusiastic and playful readership.



We receive hundreds of submissions every week to the Cosplay Gen group, for which we'd like to thank you guys, we always enjoy seeing your cosplay photos. Regarding these photos, unfortunately, not all of them get to be accepted. They are not ignored, as some members tend to believe; we simply choose to not decline them as some might get offended by this action. That doesn’t mean in the least that we ignore or disrespect those who submit their photos to our group. We carefully check each and every submitted photo, and we are attempting to preserve a high quality of the content, as we are also doing with the printed magazine. This action has as sole purpose to encourage those who submit photos to improve themselves, to become better cosplayers, to “compete” with the others and especially with themselves and ultimately submit better works. The selection is not made by only one member, but by the core team of Cosplay Gen (editor-in-chief, coordinating editor, and publisher), because we truly want to keep the standards high. We don’t see this as a proof of arrogance or lack of respect, but on the contrary. We appreciate everyone’s hard work and passion for cosplay, and we hope you’ll keep submitting your work on Cosplay Gen group.

Also, starting the upcoming issue, we will launch a brand new column, entirely dedicated to our friends where everyone can submit their photos without any sort of restriction.

We truly hope you understand our reasons.

Cosplay Gen team




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We are a group dedicated to showcase ONLY Pokemon cosplays. From Gijinkas/Human Forms to Fursuits, Trainers to NPC's. We give POINTS to EVERY member!
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