'Tis the Season for Illustration Contest!

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Hello!  The Holiday Season is upon us and with that as you may have all noticed is TONS 'O FUN on deviantART with loads of contests and all sorts of holiday cheer!

So, I bring to you another great contest!  What you say?!  Well read below! Ho, ho, ho!

'Tis the Season for Illustration

Gallery: All Digital & Traditional Visual Arts Galleries

Start Date: Right now!

End Date: December 24th, 2007

The Challenge

Should you choose to accept it...you must "illustrate" an image, (regardless of medium, digital, traditional, all irrelevant), depicting a scene from a holiday movie or story. It can be from a book, it doesn't have to be a film, and vice versa. It MUST be a visual artwork, and it must be from a story or movie. It cannot be a made up scene. You must also tell us from which story/movie its from in the description.

The Rules:

  • Illustration/Image must be a new work of art!
  • Image can be digital/traditional, or any combination, but it must be visual art!
  • Image must illustrate a scene from a holiday movie/book/story!
  • Image description should say which movie/book/story it is from!
  • Any stocks/resources used must be credited!
  • No works that violate policy or copyright will be allowed!


  • Grand prize - 1 devWEAR Hoodie or 1yr sub
  • Second - 1 devWEAR Tshirt or 6 mos sub
  • Third - devWEAR Patches or 3 mos sub
  • Runner up - dA Keychain
  • 10 Honorable Mentions - 1 month subs

Judges: cosmosue, kuschelirmel, JunkbyJen, jeriweaver, shell4art, Marker-Guru, azarath, straightfromcamera

Please do not note me your entries, you must submit your contest entries to this category: Contests & Projects > Contests > 2007 > 2007 Holiday Contests > Tis The Season

Thanks to jenepooh for the stamp!
© 2007 - 2021 cosmosue
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MoNyOh's avatar
when are you going to post the winners? :noes:
MoNyOh's avatar
gotta join gotta join!!!! :jolly:
KovoWolf's avatar
I think I will also join in *smile*
moorose's avatar
mmmmmmmmmmhyesssss time to start another contest x3
TindersFluke's avatar
I think I shall give a shot at this one...
I need a new hoodie.
Lol, what're the odds I have? xD
vgaer's avatar
I'd love to do this.

Is photography allowed??
Angichi's avatar
It sounds nice... however Im not english, and I have doubts of what "visual art" means. Can you explain it to me please? ^^

I may join.
cosmosue's avatar
it means artwork you look at - not written work like poetry =)
skifi's avatar
Isn't it great to have so many contests? :D Yay!
mylovebattlefield09's avatar
hmm... I HAVE A FLIPPIN' AWESOME IDEA!!! muahahahahahahahahahha teehee.... i can only sketch it though... i might color it though
ArchDragon's avatar
Awesome idea, I'll get started on that right away.

Just wondering if there is a place we can view what has already been submitted, or if that will only be available at the contests closure?
cosmosue's avatar
Yes you can view it by going to Contests & Projects > Contests > 2007 > 2007 Holiday Contests > Tis The Season
nessa204's avatar
Def. sounds like a good time.
ApocalypseW's avatar
Absoluytely I will win! :joy:
hyenacub's avatar
Question: does the whole movie/book have to be a holiday story, or can it be a Christmas scene from another story or movie?
cosmosue's avatar
It just has to be from a story/movie/book/play etc.
hyenacub's avatar
Good deal, thanks!
7InuYasha7's avatar
Im so gonna join! aw man i was thinking a video game but a movie/book will have to do. Well....this out to be fun! XDDD
ProjectCherry's avatar
Sounds Great! I want to join. :3
What will the pieces be judged on? ^^
marziiporn's avatar
would doing nightmare before christmas be a violation in any way?
AmerielleSeaglass's avatar
darn it.. me and my sis were fist fighting over who would get that one...
roxysouffle's avatar
Wonderful idea, I have quite a few christmas scenes in mind to illustrate, but ive never taken part in a dA competition before...... I'll give it a try anyway!
josuoh's avatar
i definitly join!
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