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CONTEST here cosmosue.deviantart.com/journa… Send your notes with your submissions!!! DEADLINE is October 17!

10/3/05 - **NEW! PRINT SALE!!** Starting this month, every 1-2 months I will feature a few of my prints that will be available cheaper than the others, this months print sale theme is "Fall & Halloween" Please look below for the featured prints on SALE!
Song for the Dead by cosmosue The Happy Phantom by cosmosue Samhain by cosmosue Light the Way - Revised by cosmosue Autumn Light by cosmosue Lady Nimue by cosmosue

10/3/05 - THANK YOU RetroZombie www.retrozombie.deviantart.com for the lovely print of "Fragile Balance" by Kittyd www.kittyd.deviantart.com it was so sweet of you to send that to me from my wish list. You made my week. Also thank you to Funkiefroggie22 www.funkiefroggie22 for helping me with some stock and such. You guys are awesome!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: Please go visit thier galleries and give them some :love:

10/2/05 - "Light the Way" www.deviantart.com/deviation/2… has been submitted also by Lucias-tears, www.lucias-tears.deviantart.com I know about it, it was agreed upon that it will be considered a "collab" because that particular stock is a "special rules apply" stock. She has many that do not have special rules, and some that do, I encourage you to check her out both her artwork and her stock. All the major re-painting/effects/and postwork is my work, (as you can probably tell by looking at my gallery) and I appreciate everyones support. I won't lie, it stings that it made the front page now, and not when I submitted it back on 9/19/05 but at least I can see my work on the front page =) and I have gotten a few new watchers and pageviews and I am thankful for the great people on DA.

10/2/05 - My website got a complete overhaul last night when I couldn't sleep, please visit me here www.cosmosue.net to check out the new layout and sign up for my shop newsletter!


Tutorials & Resources :iconcosmos-resources:

*Disclaimer - All artwork at my online galleries cosmosue.deviantart.com, www.cosmosue.net, and cosmotography.deviantart.com, belongs to S.McKivergan,(this does not include my resources account) it is NOT public domain, it is NOT stock, it is NOT free to use for whatever you want. Do not take the works with intent to redistribute in any way, shape, or form. Do not alter any works, this includes cropping or anything else. They are NOT for signatures, icons, or avatars (yes this includes Livejournal!). If you want a peice of work without a watermark for a desktop or another reason, ask me! Otherwise you can buy prints! =) Thanks!*

Please help support artists, buy prints =)  If you have a little extra $ all these works are available for prints in many different sizes!  Thank you!  I am saving to buy a graphics tablet!
The Time Keeper by cosmosue Light the Way - Revised by cosmosue Autumn Light by cosmosue Discovery by cosmosue Samhain by cosmosue
Room on Venus by cosmosue Forgotten Twilight by cosmosue Ancient Magic by cosmosue Winter's First Chill by cosmosue Believe by cosmosue
:thumb22875719: Desert Rain by cosmosue :thumb21228364: The Forest Keeper by cosmosue :thumb22986892:
Titania - Revised by cosmosue Daydreams... by cosmosue Guinevere by cosmosue Drawing Down the Moon by cosmosue Lady Nimue by cosmosue
Venus - Goddess of Love by cosmosue Where the Fairies Play v2 by cosmosue Coventina by cosmosue Once upon a time... by cosmosue Morgan Le Fay by cosmosue        
Helen of Troy by cosmosue Midsummer's Eve by cosmosue Childhood Memories by cosmosue Polaris - The North Star by cosmosue 'forty-two' by cosmosue
Song for the Dead by cosmosue Summer's Death by cosmosue Portrait of the Urban Fae by cosmosue The Happy Phantom by cosmosue Raven by cosmosue

Featured Artist
NEW Featured Artist tierrasimbolica tierrasimbolica.deviantart.com… please check out her work!

:thumb22541883: :thumb23536578: :thumb23083210: :thumb22867702: :thumb22500575:

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*Brushes used for journal trulysarah.deviantart.com/*
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if i had a credit or debit card or anything other then teenage cash and if i didnt have to share my room and everything fit what my little sister and have moms aproval I would defanatly buy some if im still using deviant art when im on my own and u still have some of these prints on sell you now ill buy some ( danm these are one of the few times i despise being a kid)
cosmosue's avatar
Thank you very much for your support in thinking of me like that!
Shadowedblood's avatar
Cool. I've never considered buying but yours are so beautiful. Not sure if I can though. Mom won't let me use her creditcard liberally but if I can wear her down then maybe.lol. Just cross your fingers! :D
cosmosue's avatar
Thank you very much for at least considering it =)
Shadowedblood's avatar
No prob. Hopefully it won't simply be a consideration.
RetroZombie's avatar
You're welcome. :)

Oooo! Some great prints are on sale this month! I better find some more wall space! ;)
Red74's avatar
awww... i feel like such a goof. I didn't mean to tattle on you buddy but I just wanted to make sure you weren't getting ripped off. I shouldn't have jumpped to conclusions. can you ever forgive me p-p-p-please. (I know i'm being dramatic, but i truly do apologize)
cosmosue's avatar
lol its ok =) :hug: you were looking out for me! And I appreciate that very much!
Carly1990's avatar
I would lvoe to buy Autaumnn light but im from the UK and dont have any money pounds nor $ =[
cosmosue's avatar
Well the thought counts for something too, thank you very much =)
Renilicious's avatar
Ack! No! All my favourites... CHEAP. *looking balefully at credit card bill* Oh, what the heck.

You owe me a collab, girlfriend. *poke*
cosmosue's avatar
note me with whatever ideas you have, I am falling asleep at the moment.. we talk later :hug: your one of the best Ren I wubs ya
Elysium-Arts's avatar
im awaiting to see if you do magnets then i will add to my wishlist :D
cosmosue's avatar
Formor's avatar
You have some beautiful work to sell!
cosmosue's avatar
DeathsExtinction's avatar
:cries: Wish my bills/rent didn't sap the majority of my pay...I wouldn't mind some of your prints...
...'least I have 'em waiting in me wishlist for now...lol.
cosmosue's avatar
Awe thank you dear! :hug:
DeathsExtinction's avatar
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