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Titania - Revised

Another revised image - Print is also updated!

Compare the old and new [link]

I'm sure some of your will prefer the older one that is darker and high contrast but I prefer this one, its more along the style that my work has gone in and I think the older one was way too contrasty and not soft enough.

...from Shakespear's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

All work done in Photoshop CS
Approx. 13 hours + 3 hours on revisions.

Model: [link]
Background: (me) and [link]
Brushes: spiritsighs [link]
Base of Wings: [link]
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AWESOME! i love the wings a lot.

oh cool! :D im currently reading the midsummer's night dream :) im sure this pic of the fairy will come to mind when i read that part :D
Nebelelfe-Art's avatar
Very beautiful and great picture! Fantastic! Enchanting! I like it very much!
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Truly enchanting piece, the antique colours look amazing with the whole mood of it. :heart:
Eternal-Dream-Art's avatar
Beautiful! Nice work...;-)
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I love your work very much!
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your wonderful work has been featured in my journal :hug: :rose:
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stunnning work :love:
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I do like the older one better. The colors were so much brighter. However, I do like the softness to this one. When I looked at the comparison it seemed more faded. But I understand now what you were going for. Nice work!
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Both versions look good, but I think you did right in revising this one. Only problem (minor problem) is that her eyebrows, I don't know, look a little too dark? She has a very fair complexion and the eyebrows sort of throw it off. That's all though.

As usual, masterful work, Sue. :)
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I love the way that you have integrated and worked the wings in this piece. They blend in beautifully and yet draw in the viewer's focus at the same time. Nice work!
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Because of your work like this, you're one of my favorite artists on dA. You're probably one of my most favorite artists, period. Someday if I make movies, I want you to have a part in the artwork involved in them. And when I get money, I want to buy many, many of your prints. <3
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how to you make the orbs and flowers so detailed?
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I used photoshop brushes for these and painted most of them! =)
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cool. i just got a tablet for my birthday, have any tips on using it?
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practice practice, but it shouldnt take too long to get used to it =) You will love it!
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the only problem now is trying o set the darn thing up, its Bluetooth and my comp doesn't have a Blueooth device uilt in, doyou know anything about how i can fix that?
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Beautiful colours and contrasts!
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i think this ones much better. nice revision :)
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the wings are lovely!! :worship:
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gorgeous! i looove the wings!!
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