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August 22, 2010
Steampunk Wallpaper by `cosmosue is simply "timeless". Thank goodness for us all, this piece is better than my puns. In fact, this piece is rich and fantastic, and really captures the essence of the theme. I know you'll all love this this high quality work of art.
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Steampunk Wallpaper

So my Steampunk Project is over, and I managed to get a lot done for it, even this wallpaper and a new piece of art which is in my gallery.

This is for personal wallpaper uses only, this is not stock, this is not to be used for anything other than a wallpaper for your computer. You may resize if your size is not included in the pack.

By popular demand there are now 6 sizes in the zip file going by the standard sizes dA has listed in the help menu:


Created by me, only one brush from mystikel was used for the watch face, find her brushes on =) You can actually get some of the gears and make your own creations in my resource pack.

Thanks for looking!


© 2010 - 2022 cosmosue
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Well done!! Flips-Emote by DWALKER1047
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I'm making a journal skin may I use this as the background? :3
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That is just freakin' awesome.
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Wow! SUch amazing steam punk!
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hi, id like to ask if its ok for you for me to use this as a personal laptop skin? its awesome and im a big fan of steampunk. thanks!
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Wow... i really like this
Moondood69's avatar
Love the different tonal values and hues that were used in this piece
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If only that clock worked on desktops!
cosmosue, thanks for the Steampunk download. I usually prefer dark wallpapers myself. I think you should do some more Steampunk, only "grittier", more ominous. I like your 'Beautiful Gothic XII'. Really nice. Cheers.
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Love ittt <333!
Thank you!
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I like this! Thank you so much!
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Hello :)
I am creating a bag design mockup right now and i am looking for some artworks or designs i can use for preview purposes.
I wanted to ask you if i can use this work for that.
The Mockup would look like this:
(with your design placed on the bag)
Its just to show how the mockup works, i won´t sell or print your work in any way.
Looking forward to your answer :)
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Unfortunately since this was an artwork I created and a wallpaper I cannot allow it to be used commercially by others, however, everything you need to create your own designs including this one, can be found here [link]

I sell a lot of steampunk resources. =) and my store is on sale 30% off until the end of the month! The EXACT package needed for this design is here: [link]

That way you can use them commercially for your bags and not worry about it because it comes with a commercial license =)
h3design's avatar
np, it´s already online anyway :P
you can check it out here if you´re interested:

and here´s an example of a client who uses it:
cosmosue's avatar
Well Im stupid I misunderstood the original question, my bad, I would have let you use it...sigh...sorry...

Great looking bags though =)
h3design's avatar
haha no problem :P
and thanks ;)
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Супер !! Еще бы они были живыми :)
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