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Return to Innocence

By cosmosue
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This image is not available for books or cds.

I had actually considered re-making my "Guardian of the Earth" for fun, but just yesterday I landed a new client who wanted it for use as a CD cover for a band named Eden, the album will be entitled Return to Innocence.

I had to make a few changes to color and size/format and I did change a few other minor things along with some repainting of parts of the image. The older Guardian of the Earth was licensed out to a publishing company as a book cover, but without the wings and with the shoulder covered.

Overall I much prefer this image to the older one.

Prints are available!

Original: [link]

The upper body & cloth reference comes from ~Mouveena

A couple Brushes are from:
spiritsighs [link]
flordelys-brushes [link]
Other brushes from renderosity
Wings are partially painted by me and partially a stock resource from [link]

© Susan McKivergan 2006
All my work is copyrighted IT IS NOT FREE DOMAIN and may not be used for anything this includes, but is not limited to...tags/layouts/signatures/websites/profit OR nonprofit, it may not be used without my explicit written permission! USING THIS WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION IS THEFT & THEFT IS ILLEGAL! Don't believe it? Read the Copyright Information here: [link] Read my F.A.Q [link] for more information on permissions!
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you know that's funny, I live in Greece and my ancient Greek teacher has this picture on her notebook, it is realy awesome
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Hehe Found that notebook too, here in Greece-and am also a teacher, coicindentally!:p Loved the image!:)
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you live in Greece?
Ithildiel's avatar
Yup!:)I'm in Athens!:)
alexandergreat20's avatar your name Ειρήνη Μακρή by any chance?
Ithildiel's avatar
Hmm,nope!:) But oddly so, the name sounds familiar, got to admit!O.o
alexandergreat20's avatar
δουλεύει στο 6ο γυμνάσιο Αγίου Δημητρίου, ring any bells?
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Χμμμ... όχι, δυστυχώς!:(
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i have this picture like a puzzle :)
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oh my this is sooooo beautiful! I love anything that has the full moon in it how everything is glowing also...wonderful work!!! my favorite out of all my favorites!!!
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Beautifully done and congrats on the sale. :)
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wow greatest work love your work ....nice Muuuuuuaaaahhhh a Sweet kiss for you...!! ;-)
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did you actually draw this? you must be the most famous artist of the world
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its mixed media, I have used brushes, painting, photoreference...etc. but yes this is my work.
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Hi! :wave:

Your beautiful work has been featured in my journal here: [link] :heart:

Greetings! :aww:
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Your deviation has been featured in my journal!:hug:
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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So mysterious :) Love it!!
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Beautiful piece. :rose:
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This one is my absolute favorit ever! :iconbwavoplz: :love:
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Again a Beautiful creation - when I am able I may purchase this - I Have had a relative ask me how I can put wings on her and have her flying over the sky on a moon lit night, Any suggestions? my Art is different to yours but creative in its own ways. These days I just do what I can but am learning and will help others in shared knowledge as and how I can.
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well its all about blending everything in and making it appear as if its all under the same light source...the wings here are 3D and painted over, the figure was originally a photo I painted over completely...
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great many thanks
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