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Gardens of Spring

By cosmosue
Please Full View for better details Click here for close-ups [link]

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Brushes are `spiritsighs & *greenspoon & ~BrushHaven1

I did a bit of research on her clothing, (should have done that before the creation) and it more resembles a Japanese style than a Chinese style, I found information on the fan she was holding and it also more resembles Japanese culture, as the Chinese fans usually fold out, the architecture is obviously Japanese, and thus the image does fit, thank you =)**
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inspiring(in love) i love asian inspired work. KUDOS!
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Amamzing. So peaceful, great work.
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I'm in love! =D It's so beautiful, stunning job!
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The gate is a Torii, it indicates that there is a "Jinja" (sanctuary) (a sort af temple) so it's Japan style.
The girl's clothes remid me chinese style...
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awesome work. i can feel the tranquility just by seeing it lol
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wow beautiful, so serene
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You're gallery is really beautiful.I think I'm losing my mind!
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Her hairstyle is Chinese, but everything else does fit into the Japanese theme. The uchiwa (stick fan) is what we use for dances during the summer and the coat she's wearing over her dress resembles a haori, which is occasionally worn as an overcoat. Very nicely done!
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funny thing. You don`t know the japanese all culture is learn and from China. Whatever character/festival/architecture......Even japanese ethnic costume kimono is Tang Dynasty`s costume in China. You should learn some history about it.
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It wasn't supposed to be solid and true to a culture, and I did do some research on it before hand, this was more a fantasy work. Thanks.
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wow its so beautifuls
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Beautiful! I like it very much!
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I know this sounds silly but it is like you have painted down all my dreams in your artwork. I've looking through your gallery and it's just, wow.

Awesome work.
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Oh, I love this one! I think...possibly more than the fantasy works you've done. The japanese style of everything in this picture is wonderful, and the figure herself is elegant, and charming. I love it. ^-^
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Thanks for the comments!
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Stunning! Its so fresh
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This has been featured here: [link]
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