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November 15, 2007
Fire Dance by ^cosmosue is a monochromatic piece that caught my eye like a match sparking in the pitch black of night- like a shooting star. It is a pure, magical moment of entrancement and I find it to be very difficult to pull myself away from it. There's great depth created through the use of light and shadow and immense detail; the mice on the ground, dancing away, the intricate detail of the dress, and of course the trees behind the fairy. Everything is alive in this piece with a spirit of its own- even the grass!
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Fire Dance

Something I have been working on for the last 2 days straight.

Its for a possible project over at Duirwaigh Gallery

Also its in honor of Samhain, the witches new year, but its a couple days late =) (yes I am aware it is also a Celtic holiday) I have held my Pagan beliefs for about 8 years now (but somehow I always knew its what I was)

Characters rendered first in poser, then painted over in photoshop, hours and hours of painting, total time spent on this roughly 24-30 hours.
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WolvenVisions's avatar
hey I was wondering if I can feature this piece on a flyer for a local goth gathering with full credit given to you of course
MoonFey's avatar
It is so beautiful I am organizing a womens circle and fireceremony and would like to use this pic to announce ist on facebook. can i do so? will set a link to you..
GokuMartin's avatar
What kind of magic spell to use?
Slime and snails?
Or puppy dog's tails?
Thunder or lightning?
Something frightening?
micahschlamp's avatar
Beautiful! Blessed be.
Rodegas's avatar
need deratization
EsmeraldaEmerald's avatar
the flames are beautiful!
MLE2011's avatar
I love the runes in the fire. Very cool !
artboy-narender's avatar
awesome work frnd ,,,, i like so much.... - artboy narender :)
Galaxyae's avatar
:rofl: the mouse's...they are so adorable, great good job
K1L1an's avatar
i finish my puzzle yesterday i love this pic:D
Spirittina2012's avatar
sakuralioness's avatar
awww so happy like and the mice are adorable
Striking with incredible movement
and depth. Fiercly warm color is so alive.
Had this been a heroine in a childhood
book, I'm sure she would have been
my favorite character!
(I would love to see this picture in a
BlueEvanescence's avatar
this is so adorably beautiful! I love it~
Excellent Work, and great sense for color and sensuality... Great Work... :)
StilusMortuus's avatar
Hello fellow Pagan! This is beautiful :)
Azazel-sz's avatar
this is awesome
Fontanna13's avatar
This is just amazing!
eisenaugen's avatar
wonderful! Blessed Be!:holly:
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