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My Bio

**Currently I'm not accepting anything more and may to most likely change the below info I'm going through some things at the moment and some changes. I'll still be working on any pending work/requests though!**

If you have any requests, inquiries or want any commissions done feel free ask me, but please do so by note!:nod:


Hello, and welcome to my art page! :) I'm a Gamer and Artist for me art and gaming has always gone "hand in hand"! As some great art has gone into video games and likewise come from it! Imagine, building an entire world and it's characters and lore with your team of talented storytellers, world lore builders and artists! Pretty cool!:D Think Skyrim, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Witcher, Fallout, Assassin's Creed, Red Dead Redemption, Subnautica, Kingdom Come, Forza Horizon 3, Elite: Dangerous, Just Cause 2, Minecraft, Xenoblade Chronicles 2&X, White Knight Chronicles 2 to name a few! *"Your imagination is the world"! To build beautiful landscapes with unknown wonders and tell tales of epics journeys. Of the grand characters who inhabit the land and those brave enough to embark on quests to ultimately become Legends themselves! Tales of wonder/adventure characters that become your best friends on journeys you never want to end. But, when they sadly do you have a tear in your eye as saying a fond, but teary farewell to your new found companions!^^* :D

[[Upload Schedule]]

I don't actually have a set time or date! I upload when I have the spare time and often as soon as I'm able too. When, I finish an art piece or request I'll generally will upload it right then and there as long as I'm not too busy with work or anything in real life!:) Posting works is something I usually do like with other platforms. I try to post in bulk to make up for not being able to always post everyday!

I try to post a few art pieces every week no promises sometimes more, sometimes less based on real time schedule!^^;

[[What kinds of art do I make]]

Mostly models humans: more female than male models/characters at the moment.

Poses, scenes, background art, Manga/comics, animation, animated GIFs, captures and sometime random funny images/art!

Do you make NSFW?

Will you make this "type" of artworks?

Do you make 3D creatures?

Do you make hand-drawn art/ect?

See topic below for answers: **FAQs/Answers/Extra info/**

[[How do I make my art/models/what tools do I use]]


**3D renders**: (Blender, Unity3d, Daz 3d *new addition*, SkyrimSE Creation Kit,

**Photo Editing software**:Krita, GIMP2, RealWorld Paint, Microsoft Paint,


Requests General Info:

Question: Do I take accept requests?

Answer: The short answer is "Yes" The long answer: is "depends" on what's asked!

Question: Do I take accept Commissions?

Answer: "Yes" but, again depend on what is asked!

Requests are accepted as long as rules are followed!:nod:

Question: Does someone have to be a WATCHER to ask for request or make a Commission request?

Answer: No, all are welcome to ask for a Commission requests as they *are paid work*.


But, you do have to be WATCHER/or a Friend to make Requests!:nod:

Requests are *non-payment works*! ***But, should the request that is asked becomes too large "example can you make 5-6+ models and do battle/action/comedy scenes for each" then work that size becomes Commission work!!***

I will accept only *3 to 5* requests per month and only *one per user, per month*!

**But any requests that ask for 5+ original/created models is a Commissioned work.

[[Prices on Commissions]]:

Pricing is based on how much time and work is required per Commissions.

"But" is open for the discussion!:)

Any requests that ask for 5+ models becomes is a Commissioned work.

*""Most"" but ""not all"" Mini-Stories/Comics/Manga* are Commissioned work as fair amount of work is involved in making them!

[[FAQs/Answers/Extra info/]]

Question: Will you share and or sell models at some point?

Answer: Skyrim related works absolutely!:) Will link to NEXUS when ready!^^

Other models "Unity/ect"/works perhaps some, "still deciding to be honest"! But will link to Mediafire/NEXUS/or Pixiv *if*/when I do.^^

Question: Do you make NSFW?

Answer: Short answer "No" The long answer is "depends" on what's asked!

***NSFW*** Is a topic that's subjective at best! As what's truly defined as NSFW can vary and is often borderline in some cases between SFW & NSFW. More often than not it's a correct label.

Question: Do you make or will make 3D animals, Creatures, Fantasy Creatures?

Answer: Sadly, not at the moment. It's something I want to and to need to do! As some future projects do require the need for more 3D characters/models(creatures/animals/monsters) and knowledge of how to make, build, ect.

Question: Do you make hand-drawn art/ect?

Answer: Yes, but it's been a while. Will add some in future! :)

Question: What kind of art will you not make?

Answer: Nothing "extreme" as nothing overly violent/very gory or very suggestive/risqué in nature. Nothing that is offensive, derogatory, disrespectful of anyone or any subject. Simply, put nothing questionable of moral "ethics"!

[[Future works/Ideas/]]

Mini Comics/Mini-Manga/Novels/Animations/Original designs/Videos/Music

Modding: various games

Mod making: Mostly Skyrim/SkyrimSE/


Favourite Visual Artist
Toshiyuki Kubooka, CLAMP, Kōsuke Fujishima, Mutsumi Inomata, Akira Himekawa
Favourite Movies
Star wars, Harry Potter, various Disney movies, Indiana Jones series, Mighty Ducks series, Avatar 2009,
Favourite TV Shows
Most Anime, Zoids:chaotic century, The Slayers all series, Sailor Moon all series, Dragon Ball all series, G Gundamn, Magic Knight Rayearth, Rurouni Kenshin, Speed Racer, Ronin Warriors, Transformers Prime, Pokemon, He-Man, She-ra,
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Noriyuki Iwadare, Megumi Hayashibara, Utada Hikaru, V6, Crush 40, T.M. Revolution, Namie Amuro, BoA,
Favourite Books
Star Wars novels, Legend of Zelda manga series, Love Hina, Ranma 1/2,
Favourite Games
Too many to List
Favourite Gaming Platform
Rpg, racing, platforming, Strategy, RPG Strategy, Sandbox *games like Minecraft*, Fighting, FPS, Action/Adventure, Action, Brawler
Tools of the Trade
Hand drawn, Desktop PC , Unity, Blender, Krita, GIMP2, RealWorld Paint, Microsoft Paint, Daz 3d,

What kind of art do you want me to continuing making the most?

12 votes
Random Animations/Gifs
Capture art
Just created characters/models and profile/character poses
Action art
Other, not listed or new ideas
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – One Day, Pyra Just Disappeared - Nintendo Switch!! Looks like Pyra/Mythra made into Smash Bros. Ultimate! I'm happy, but sad too.:la: As so "very" many characters/series deserve a chance still!^^ Geno Super Mario RP
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A little late in updating my previous post sorry! ^^; But, good news I got a new PC it's better in a few ways than the old one and sure to be a "BIG" help in making future art! :D
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You're very welcome!:waves: Thank you so much for the new faves as well!:):heart:

You're welcome

A very Merry Christmas to you and thank you!:):smallwave: V2 Merry christmas everybody Animation md Happy Holidays 1 Animation md Seasons Greeting 1

Your welcome.