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backyard texture brushes

Made in Photoshop CS!!! PSD FILE HERE [link]

20 brushes made from photos I took in my backyard of various textures. Brick, concrete, wood, grass, leaves, and dirt. 2 corners for every texture & a round texture brush, all between 500 and 900 pixels. Preview uses only the leaves texture. Maybe someone has a use for them, I was bored! =)

This is my first set, ever, so don't be too brutal on me!

**Note - Please feel free to use my brushes for BOTH commercial & non commercial! You DON'T have to ask permission to use, download, and have fun!!! All I ask is that you be so kind as to include a link back to either [link] or [link] in the deviation description or website used on - thats it! Isn't that easy? =)**
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great! i'm going to use!
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Awesome brush. I can definitely find a good use for them =) Thank you so much.
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thanks so much for sharing! Great collection of brushes!
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perfect for something that i'm working on atm!!!
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Your backyard is a lot more interesting than mine, so I couldn't resist the brushes. Thanks for sharing!!
Thank you thank
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hi I like to thank you and give you credit for using the above brushes for my coloring personal project [link]
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Can't wait to use them! :) I'll give you a link if/when I do!
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Hey, thanks for the pack, I used it in my deviation: [link] :)
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great brushes!! thanks for them!! ^_^
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This is awsome, but how do you make it work?
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I used it here: [link]

I appreciate your effort going outside and taking those texture pics for us.
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Thanks so much!! These should be extremely useful!
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very nice! I'll post link if I use
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thank you for making these!

i am constantly looking for backgrounds, and these were fun to go through and play with!

heres a picture i used them in, (towards the bottom)

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Thank you thank you thank you so much for including a PSD file! I have a ver 6 and have had lots of trouble finding good brushes that suit my version of Photoshop. Thanks for being so kind!Ü These brushes ROCK!
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how much did you have to pay for Photoshop CS ??
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these are awesome! youre doing beautifully! no need to be modest! =D
Ok, How you gonna send me then? over dev art or something else?
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