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Pokemon #597-598

Redesigns for Ferroseed and Ferrothorn.

Special thanks to :iconastropteryx: for helping me with ideas! 
Thanks for looking! n.n
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i can image Ferrothorn can launch biometallic razor leaves and whip out a moderate storm of these leaves, plus launching sharp biometallic thorns and biometallic seeds that grow into hostile biometallic flora.
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Ohhhh these are so much better than the actual pokemon~
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Happy you like' em! c:
i love the metallic glistening on Ferroseed's seed-like hide and Ferrothorn's leaf-like scales, it fits the Grass/Steel typing.
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Thank you so much! c:
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I find Ferroseed and Ferrothorn's original designs to be very interesting by themselves, but your reimagining of these Pokémon as armadillos and pangolins is adorable.
I like that, despite making the leap from plant to animal, you kept some vegetal elements on them, such as Ferrothorn vines or its scales; they could be seen as pangolin scales, or as the hard leaves succulents have.
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Thank you so much! I'm a big fan of the original designs as well but I thought this would be a fun play on the concept. c:
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Wow!! This is really great! I didn't know what ferroseed and ferrothorn looked beforehand so when I googled it I was shocked! I really like how you re-interpreted it as a completely animal altogether!
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Oh yees I imagine that would be some what confusing, happy you like' em though! I had a lot of fun planning this one and drawing them out! c:
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looks nice but  the original look great too...still I like that more ^^
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Yeah man-- I'm definetly not trying to out play the originals by any means, there's a reason Pokemon has such lasting power and strength as a franchise. XD Happy you like' em! c:
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Well not all can be gems
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WOW just wow, this is magnificent, best redesigne ver made 1000000/10
seriously, i wish gemafreak would make their designs this way...
you should be hiered, no become lead artist of the crew D:
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I'm happy you like' em! I'm flattered but if it weren't for them I wouldn't be as inspired as I am, I still enjoy the designs they come up with. c:
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They for sure changed a lot. :o
What led you to choose armadillos and pangolins?
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Hard shell climby things. The pangolin's scales seemed appropriate as leaves. c:
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Ooooh, now this is much more engaging than the originals!
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Happy you like' em! n_n
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Would've never thought of making these two into porcupines but alright.
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Not porky pines but Pangolins. c:
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