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Pokemon #595-596

Redesigns for Joltik and Galvantula.

Special thanks to :iconastropteryx: for helping me with ideas! 
Thanks for looking! n.n
Pokemon Dailies Update!
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eat all nasty flying types 
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OMG, Joltik and Galvantula are some of my favourite Pokémon from Generation 5!!
I love how Jultik got a cute, fluffy tail! Now it's even cuter than a little dog and I wish I could have one as my pet xDDD
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Thank you so much! I'm super happy you like' em! I was kinda going for a literal wolf spider so them being like a little doggo is accurate ahehe C:
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So are they "Wolf Spiders"?
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Pretty much yes c:
It's similar to your Ariodos, but I don't mind that. It's interesting that they both feature "spikes" on their abdomens. Is this based on something? Perhaps a real life spider? Also what is on Galvantula's "tail"?
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Not really, just wanted them to feel big a beastly. I guess I see them as some kind of thunder rod. c:
I like the design, and I wouldn't mind seeing Araquanid done in the same style
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amazing :) I luv the joltik and Galva officals, but these redesigns are love to!
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Thank you! Happy you like' em! n_n
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hmm interesting
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Oh my gosh! I always loved Joltik because of how adorable the little thing was--this redesign keeps all of its cuteness in tact! Oh my gosh--those little tiny feet! :aww: I also love that floofy tail! Ooh, and the Galvantula is super cute too!
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Thank you so much! Joltik is pretty perfect as is so I tried to keep that intact. c:
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Amusingly enough, today my boyfriend showed me his new Joltik plushie. :aww: He also loves your redesigns for these guys.
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Awesome, thank you so much! XD
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You turned spiders into squirrely dinosaurs!  Haw!
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So floofy. I have opinions.
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Joltik is still one of my favorites... so much cuteness should be forbidden OwO
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Very true, Joltik is pretty perfect XD
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garavantula looks a lot more draconid and it looks nice :)
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Thank you so much! n_n
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your welcome :)
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