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Meet the Space Kids by Cosmily Meet the Space Kids by Cosmily
These are the main characters for a new juvenile sci-fi series I'm working on. From left to right: Sunny "Solar" Alima, Jania "Mercury" Alima, Vera "Venus" Alima, Zatanna "Saturn" Alima, and Aaron "Pluto" Alima. Images were made using [link]

Solar: is the pilot of the Justice. He loves to joke around with the girls and has a tendency to annoy Pluto, usually on purpose. Schoolwork is the bane of his existence and he once declared that the kindoma where at least good at something, getting him out of homework. He likes to play games and have fun. Getting bored easily, Solar gets into mischief often.

Mercury: is the pilot of the Quickstrike, a manta class fighter. She is the quietest of the group, though that may be because she spends most of her time on her own. Mercury was chosen to join the Justice team over her brother and sisters. She is very serious when on missions and seems to be the only other one besides Pluto who understands what they are really doing. Due to an accident as a child, Mercury possesses telepathic and telekinetic abilities and she will use them when necessary.

Venus: is the communications officer of the Justice. She enjoys learning languages and can communicate in 5 common languages. When not spending time with her brother, Venus can be found watching movies in languages the others cannot understand. She hates silence and has been known to hum when it is too quite for her liking.

Saturn: is the electronics engineer on the Justice. She specializes in LADAR controls and weapons systems. While she can run the Justiceís shield systems, she canít do shields and weapons during large battles. Her feet donít reach the ground in her chair and she has to have restraints pulled very tight. Saturn has a high pitched voice and she likes to joke with Solar.

Pluto: is the captain of the Justice. He is the oldest of the kids. His specialty is maintenance and repair. He monitors the Justiceís self-repair systems and will take over the shield systems when Saturn canít do both. Pluto tends to be a bit more serious then the others. He is protective of the others but has a jealous streak when it comes to Mercury.
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A stronger kids... nice :boogie:
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