ATG Day 14 - Chaos Mountain
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So after almost 13 hours of non-stop drawing, here I am uploading what could be my most ambitious piece of fan art yet... So please let me go to bed, because I'll need some sleep after that one.
It's a "Discordification" of the album cover of Blood Mountain by Progressive/Sludge Metal band Mastodon.
Link to the original album cover: i.pinimg.com/originals/27/e2/c…
Made for day 14 of EQD's Artist's Training Ground. The prompt for this day was: Draw a pony crossing over with your favorite game/book/movie/ect / Draw a pony doing something you enjoy.

And yes I'm late to this event, mainly because of trying to settle in my first ever appartement and some reasons of laziness... So please understand me...

BTW, if you wanna watch a cool Mastodon PMV made by me:
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I wouldn't put it past Discord to do this just to freak people out. 
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Not bad!

I think the original pic was a shout-out to the way the devil was described in Dante's Inferno...well, partly; I don't think the devil was a moose in that book!
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