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''I only with one of these stars really meant something...''

Hmm, well this has been colored with wooden pencils, I'm not quite sure about the sky but uh, oh well...

This is not Lithium, at least I think not... I know it looks pretty much anime-looking. This wasn't meant to be.
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i love love love love love :aww:
wow i really like the colors
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i'm a little late but i adore this piece!
i like how it drew. :) :D
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the colours are nice .
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I ADORE this more than words can express. I would give anything to have found this in a thrift store to buy. *happiness* It's all my favorite things, bight colors, stars (most important), striped stockings, and orange-yellow-red clothing.
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very cool, i love all the colors. :)
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Wow. This drawing is so striking. It brings on a feeling of hopelessness, and almost unsure of your place in the world, of anythings place in the world @_@
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I love the colours.
pretty =)
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I really love this one a lot o.o
it just reminds me of the feeling you get when you sit and think, "...what's the point of all of this?"
or the hopelessness that can sometimes settle in because of whatever's going on.
or the moments when nothing really seems real?

I might be confusing, but all of this is what this picture makes me think of.
it's actually one of my favorites on all of DA, it's amazing :D
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Yeah I totally understand what you mean by that, and I'm glad you're sharing this thought with me! <3
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I love this!
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beautiful image

did you find the star?
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In Montreal, we can't see stars much.. But I'm still searching!
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ouuuh, j'm les couleur les forme et TOUT! c'est vraiment beau!
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I absolutely adore this.
She holds striking similarity to my character Su. :XD: Wiggyyyyy~

Also, don't worry about looking anime-ish or not. It's all relative. It may certainly look anime influenced, but if you can change and develop and draw in all sorts of different styles, I think that's a sign that you have a special talent. Everything you see and do and have interest in holds an influence on your art.
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Su? How come? XD

And thank you for the very very nice comment, you're so right! It's a very nice way to see things, really.
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The bright purple hair, the little flip at the bangs, the yellow-green eyes, the sort of frail body frame, the striped clothes (along with the use of red), the pale skin, and the theme of stars. :XD:

You have a very rough looking and textured kind of style. I like it. It has a sort of dreamy quality to it. :D
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I don't think she looks anime looking at all! I reallly love you style and you know that. :D I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. It's been sooo long since I've had the time to admire your sexiness! D8 Anyway, how have you been Gabby? :heart: :heart: :lick:

Your outfits make me drool! I can't wait until you have your owm clothing line! I love the sky. :nod:
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Well thanks then! Maybe it's just that I'm really used not to draw anime anymore, as soon as it looks A BIT anime for me, just with big eyes or stuff like that, it makes me all weird...

Oh and I've been great! Sorry for not posting so much lately, I really am trying to find ideas but I won't force myself to draw cause it will look like crap. I'm doing photo instead, better than nothing. XD And thank you soooo much for that kind comment about the clothing line, that sure would be an amazing thing. >__>
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You and my friend, cortezz, both have very similar art styles, and I love both your work. XD
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Yay! I know cortezz a little. Well not personnally but uh... Yeah, you get the idea. >__>
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