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Trouble with Rhymes - Colored

By CosmicWaltz
Colored version of [link]

And thanks for all the views, guys!

:iconfluttershyyayplz::iconsaysplz:You rock! Woohoo!

[EDIT] Almost forget, since it was all on the last image.

Orange - ôrənj or ärənj
Hinge - hinj

Outside of dialect, they do not rhyme. We can battle semantics, but at the end of the day, they're only "near-rhymes".
Not that there aren't a few things that do rhyme with orange (even if I haven't found any that are accepted as true "words"; the ones I've seen being proper nouns or portmanteaus), but "door hinge" and "hinge" do not. [/EDIT]

[EDIT2] Oops. I forgot shadows. Hey, it's a simple mistake! This pic took all of 3 hours from blank canvas to full color, and the entire coloring process was done in my underwear in the dark while listening to British soft rock. These things happen. XD [/EDIT2]

[EDIT3] So many edits. Okay, I re-added the warning. Eh, why not? It's just a click from seeing it anyway. [/EDIT3]

[EDIT4] Clean Version [/EDIT4]
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Zecora has something on her mind that is distracting her from rhyming and she told us. Applejack is a great choice.
I'll point out your phonetic note is a bit restrictive; for one thing, "orange" isn't necessarily even two syllables (at least not in General American). I personally would say I only rarely enunciate it as two separate syllables. "Orange" also can use the ĭ vowel like "hinge" when it's two syllables, although of course when it's a polysyllabic word it's stressed on the first syllable so "hinge" is not sufficient. "Door hinge" does rhyme within the range of pronunciation of "orange" in General American, even though you're more likely to hear either "ôrənj" or "ôrnj," and check Wiktionary if you don't believe me (although I can't say I believe its claim of "ôrənch"; that's just crazy).

But of course, the "nj" sequence isn't exactly common in English (I wonder if one day we'll lose it entirely and start saying things like "hĭng"), so it's no wonder that a word with several valid pronunciations ending in such a weird sound has a reputation for not rhyming.

Also, I can't believe you got me to use enPR for this entire comment. IPA forever, down with enPR!
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She lost her flow... :XD::XD:
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:iconapplejackblushplz: :iconsays2plz: "O...okay. Be gentle please."
'...come to fix my broken door hinge?'
rebeljohn747's avatar
"Applejack with coat of orange, why have you come open my door hinge." done, easy.
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Yep that is a hard one to rhyme.
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Ahem, "Applejack the honest with orange as your fur, if I had ended with that fact the result would be a slur."
It's a simple solution, make sure that you never finish an applejack rhyme on her mane colour. lists the pronunciation of "orange" as [ɔrɪndʒ], and "hinge" as [hɪndʒ], making "door hinge" a perfectly cromulent rhyme. So there. (It probably depends on the variety of English [British vs American?], and possibly even the individual person's pronunciation.)
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True for the finish, but perfect rhymes use the final syllable. The problem with "orange" is that despite having two voiced vowels, they are used as one syllable, so instead of "hinge", you'd have "horinge". They are still "slant" rhymes, I believe, and Zecora uses those as well, but true to a non-modified definition, orange is on its own with no formal rhyme. There are, I think, two informal words that were made literally to rhyme with "orange", one that was defined by another existing term, and the other defined as "a word that rhymes with orange". And English seems to do this a lot with colors, given "silver" and "purple," as well as "mauve" if you exclude Cyrillic languages. We have a unique, unnecessarily complicated way of describing things. XD
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Or silver. Or purple.

I think colors just hate English.
Borange rhymes with Orange. It's the only word in the english language that does.
SoulDragonWithFlow's avatar
Ah applejack,something trubbles you no?
and you wish for a solution before you go..

ya zacora, i dont know what to do, i think...
i think im in love with Rainbow.

applejack a problem this is not,
for RD too loves you a lot.
if you wish to be happy my farmyard friend,
your feelings for the one you love you must not pretend

what in the hay ate u on about!

if you wish to be happy,
to tell her is the key,
if you do this,
then in bed with RD you will soon be.
CosmicWaltz's avatar
You got an awful lot out of Zecora dropping a rhyme and swearing. O.o
SoulDragonWithFlow's avatar
haha :)indeed i did
thats what insperation is about no?
CosmicWaltz's avatar
Something like that. XP
sevenofeleven's avatar
Applejack with the coat of reddish yellow, I have avoided
rhyming with orange and am feeling pretty mellow!

Looks great.
CosmicWaltz's avatar
:iconzecoraplz::iconsays3plz:"Twilight, with mane so purple! ... DAMMIT!"
sevenofeleven's avatar
Twilight with the mane of reddish blue,
can avoid rhyming with purple and cheat too!

Na'gonda the Zebra Psychiatrist:
Zecora's incessant rhyming is a sign of
trauma brought on by the horrible death of her Mama.
She blames herself for the terrible deed, more psychiatric
care she does need.

I will need more time in the analyst's couch, so I can get help
from rhyming too mouch, um much.
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