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Published: February 16, 2013

The moments in this last episode that spoke to me.

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This part of the episode was pretty good, but the rest was rushed and I just didn't like it at all.
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if you consider all the crap the staff has to work whit.... restrictions, toy show casing, crazy demands from hasbro, extra exposition for certain things (frienshid train/crystal empire)...

i`d say the did a wondeful job in this finale and season overall :)
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Song gives me goosebumps.
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bubblymaika|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I was pretty satisfied with this episode. Something tells me season 4 will focus on growing up even more.
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chibiBiscuit|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was such a cute song. :D
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Kulturschock|Student General Artist
the song's soooo beautiful! loved it :3
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Well this part was certainly fitting of your username. :)
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I knooooow! :heart: :icontwilightlaplz:
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That season 3 finale episode of "My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic" was, although a bit rushed, so beautiful it made me shed enough "liquid pride" to fill a swimming pool. Never before has an episode made me feel all so tingly inside and brightened my day so much. There were so many wonderful things in that episode:
[01] beautiful songs
[02] pony tap-dancing
[03] nicer animation compared to previous episodes
[04] return of PInkamena Diane Pie's mane
[05] the scene where Twilight Sparkle looks at the photo of herself with her friends is the most adorable thing I've ever seen
[06] Rainbow Dash in a cauldron surrounded by little critters doing a tribal dance, hillarious
[07] a desolate Apple Acres looks like it belongs in a cool survival videogame
[08] most human-like sitting by a pony ever (not by Lyra)
[09] Twilight Sparkle's ascension to the Celestial Dimension
[10] the Celestial Hall of Memories (another version of the Akashic Records?)
[11] Princess Celestia can really sing
[12] Pinkie Pie : ALICORN PARTY~!!
[13] Pinkie Pie's 'drink-n-shower' move, hillarious
[14] yay for more Princesses Luna and Cadance
[15] Shining Armor's "liquid pride" term is about to trigger something within the fandom
[16] Lyra looks adorable

And to all those complaining about the finale and future of the show, try to remember Fluttershy's voice saying;

"... try to just give it a chance, you might find that you'll start to understand."
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I enjoyed it. It pretty much telegraphed though something is gonna go boom at the start of the next season with the last words. Was a fun ride, and hey, 26 episodes next seasons. Groovy stuff.
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Vincent-Rogue|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Idk why, but this whole episode was touching and almost made me cry at parts. It seemed odd looking back at the episode after it finished, but I'll just wait it out to find out what happens next. I'm interested to see what the writers will do with the series since the main character had a huge alteration.
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Mozlin|Hobbyist General Artist
I liked the part where it showed Vinyl scratch for a whole 7 seconds.
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cloneddragon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not even death can conker her. got quite a bit of a "limbo" feeling out of this section, reflecting on the past, a second chance at life, undergoing a major change, and their god is present.
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Jordanis|Hobbyist Photographer
My favorite part. There's a reason there are a couple of Celestia's on my monitors.
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bobshmit13|Student Writer
I think something big is about to go down. Like the biggest thing to happen yet! I mean, she got made a princess really fast, Celestia needed Discord's help (something she's NEVER done before), and the brief mention of King Sombre. Plus, thing's didn't start really going down in Equestia for a LONG time until Twilight, the amazingly powerful unicorn came on board, and all these old enemies pop up. Can't be a coincidence. Plus, ending the episode saying "Everything is totally fine!" just SCREAMS that NOT FOR LONG BITCHES!!
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I'd never expected to hear Celestia sing. She has a pretty singing voice.

This scene was truly magical.
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I really loved that episode. It was truly incredible. The part where Twilight was with Celestia in the astral road was beautiful. :happycry:
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Moonstruck-badger|Student Digital Artist
Actually yeah that's a good question Twilight. Where IS she?
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Talonwhisker|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think she died, and was reborn as an alicorn, but that's just me. XD So in my opinion she's in like, an 'afterlife' of sorts.
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BlackQuestant|Student Digital Artist
that part was so... beatiful, ;w;
Now i want see luna singing
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This scene really felt like an "end of show" scene. LOVED this song, one of my favorite for the entire series.
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SoulscapeCreatives|Professional General Artist
Ditto, The evolution and maturity the series gives to inspire how growing up is the ascension of our childhood and is just the beginning of magic growing even stronger-what series can boast such an incredible uplifting message to the world. I can't help but think it's Lauren Faust singing through Celestia.
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InkRose98|Professional Digital Artist
I agree. This scene literally made me cry. The fact that we, the fans, have seen Twilight grow up and fulfill her destiny... it's amazing.
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Personally, I was hoping that we would see the Fausticorn instead of Princess Celestia.
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