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the soul of a leader

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Celestia reflects (haha, pun...) on the cost and trials of her life of leadership.

My sincere thanks for his patience.
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reminds of a book called the picture of dorian grey
I can only imagine what she has had to endure. And will have to. A kind spirit is the kind that always gets hurt the most.
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I just realized who made this image... Yeesh haven't visited you in awhile.
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Enchanting and surreal. 
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The price of eternal rule... is eternal burden. 
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Though her outward appearance shone brighter than the sun, though her coat gleamed like freshly fallen snow, and she smiled with sincere beauty...Her eyes told the truth. Her eyes were old and timeless, they reflected the tortured soul hidden beneath a mask of perfection. She could not hide it. - Sekretoj, Scribe Of Princess Celestia's Court. 
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"A millennium alone. Everypony I care about withering and dying before my eyes.
My only possible companion locked away. Damn the Nightmare. To the absolute bowels of Tartarus.
I am so, very, tired."
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This made me cry. Poor Tia. :iconsadplz:
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It's odd how many people would not realize the truth of this image, that everything that is gone through leaves a mark, even if it is not a visible one. That the person other people see in the mirror, is not necessarily the person (or pony in this case) that you see in the mirror. Wonderfully done.
Could I use this as a cover pic for my fanfiction please?
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"Leadership is not a gift, it is a burden."
- unknown
Is there meant to be something else in the mirror, there looks like an outline of a small pony/tail?
Incredibly melancholic, but brilliantly drawn, it's immersive, emotive, and beautiful in a tragic way, great piece, though I feel awful for Celestia.
I bumped into this on 4chan and wanted to tell you. Its beautiful. I love how it shows what she is feeling inside wile showing her unblemished outside in a dark and empty yet still very real and enclosing physical environment.
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She gotta be so tired, all the wars, discord, the conflict with her sister, king sombra, been alone for 1000 years, im just wondering how much her mind will resist before her spirit breaks.
Beautifull work, indeed it shows the soul of a long time ruler and leader.
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More and more, I see just how deep Celestia really is...
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In the mirror she looks like what would happen if she couldn't heal herself so fast from many injuries she sustained during her long life, and if she could actually age as regular ponies in Equestria do.
Beautiful, in a heartbreaking way.

This could be used as fan art for the Origins arc in the Pony POV series
Also, I just noticed how tired she looks in the picture, compared to her normal self
This is deep. Way deeper than other art I've seen. Good job.
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Mind if I use this? All credit will go to you of course.
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