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snowy encounter

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Commission for :iconcobaltwave:

Zecora encounters a manticore in the snow.
I had fun with this one. <3

I imagine Zebras to be an in-between of unicorns and earth ponies; where they have some magical abilities and skills, but not others.
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what program did you use to make this?
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Cross between an earth pony a and unicorn = cross between a warrior and a mage = Knight-Enchanter.

That manticore is screwed.
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ooooh the manticore looks so cool. Also I pricture zebras to be more like the original earth ponies: still very in tune with the natural magic of the land. As such they have some sway/manipulation over it and can read it well. Hence the potion making which was unfamiliar to Twilight. I don't imagine them able to do arcane style magic like unicorns, but more tap into the inate wild magic around them. We've basically seen that previous generations of earth ponies had to be aware of it: given how Granny Smith and her parents had to handle the zap apples. I think in general causing the plants to grow in this world is knowing how to pay attention to that kind of magic, and I wouldn't be surprised if earth ponies were the only ones who could truly sense it.

Anyway we all have our own in-head explinations. Either way this looks amazing!
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:iconzecoraplz:: "Oversized cats are not among my fears. Leave now, or I'll kick your ass up between your ears!"
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Hahahaha! Nice. 

Made me smile. 
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Can I use part of it (Zecora) as a cover for my fanfiction (in polish)?
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What the hell? I discovered this picture like, a year ago, and I somehow forgot to add it to my favorites!?
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But Zebras are not Ponies at all.


Oh, an here's some suiting music:…

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Oh my gosh! This is AMAZING!!! O.o
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This song would be perfect for this situation. [link]
That manticore is going to get pwned.
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Wow, this is awesome and super epic.
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>x> let's see you rhyme your way out of this one, Zecora.
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This is truly epic, nice job.
Awwwwww..... o3o
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This is great. It's a scene, so unlike the art style of the show, with actual depth and a visual inertia I can't take my eyes off of.
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I love the movement of this.
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You don't mess with Zecora! :D
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Ohhhhh yessss Love this
Zecora vs manticore is not fair at all.
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