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poppy love

Luna and Twilight in a poppy field. Sketch/warm-up.

I also attempted to record this painting session. ....Unfortunately my .AVI files got corrupted. I was able to salvage some… but I lost the best parts… FFFF. Sorry.

Tumblr: [link]

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The sky is amazing! The only reason this isn't a fave is because the res of the picture feels like there's less effect from it. If you're going to draw flowers with flat colours, use them to frame the scene like a border.
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omgosh this is so lovely
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Beautiful colours!
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D: you should totally make this a print I would definateley buy!
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I feature your wonderful deviation here [link]
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I LIKED, now make a version in the moon
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So gorgeous.

I'm not into Twiluna. But I like to see them together. Their awkward social skills seems to make them go well together. What do you think?
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Oh my!
You did an awesome job!
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you make all my twiluna daw and it's so wonderful T^T .....
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This is probably one of my favorites of all your work so far =] I really love this painting
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Luna hugging Twilight in the foreground is reflected in the background in position as well as color.
The purple twilight between the orange and the night sky.
The poppies in the field seem to reach upwards through warm clouds toward the heavy and dark sky. And the field seems to stretch all the way to the horizon before melting into the orange glow. This links the foreground and background together and creates enormous depth in the piece.

I love it! you are so watched its not even funny!
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Looks like one of those fantasy post cards they sell. Very well done and visually stunning.
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It took me way too long to realize this wasn't titled "puppy love"
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Icon! Until I got HIGH! XD
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Very very lovely.
Wow, this is a beautiful piece of art. Love the details in the mane of Luna and Twilight. You really captured the emotions of the art work.
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Very heartwarming. i gonna to have heart attack from the awesomeness. Such love.
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This is very beautiful!
And I just love how you draw night skies
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