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noctilucent fountain

Turned a Luna sketch into a sparkly thing. Kind of a collage. Idk. It was a fun thing to do in an evening.
Originally started as a background for my stream channel. 


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This is so beautiful and is now my new background! Blue Heart Icon 
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True fact of the day: this is objectively beautiful.
RednessShadow's avatar!?HOW DID YU DRAW THIS!?!?!?
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This is my desktop wallpaper now.
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mine too :) its really beautful
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Not an MLP fan, but this looks wonderful. Also, hi from reddit!
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With a breathtaking starscape!
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 Cosmic unicorn! by Silver--Pen   

I had to xD
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She almost looks like she has a headband (making her look like Nyx if you ignore the cutiemark)
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*jaw drops to the floor*
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Gorgeous. Just a magnificent, splendid work.
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Okay, this is really awesome. Nice work!
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Damn, this must have taken you forever to make O_o
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WOW! Now my new wallpaper!
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