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master study - Celestia

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Gustave Doré study.

Added Celestia in from another sketch.
CS3 for textures.

Ink (sakura micron pens) on 8.5" x 11" 110 lb. paper.
3+ hours.


Prints available here.
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opethian999's avatar
I don't like MLP but it looks freaking cool :3
ItinerantDjuradhan's avatar
I am a sucker for lineart. Well drawn, and well done.
BejeweledApples's avatar
Oh how I love the old-fashioned feeling of a hand-drawn sketch such as this one. But a question if I may: there are the initials 'MM' in the lower-right hand corner; is that your real name or something?
CokeZeo's avatar
Lovely sketch, the amount of detail is amazing.
Wisdom-Thumbs's avatar
Gwuh-hwha... hahbabba-da...buh... buh-hummanahummanahummanah-wooooaawwwww  o______o

That is. Man. I can't even. This rocks my socks. I used to watch my mom draw stuff just like this. Well, not watch so much as "spy on," and find packed away in her old college stuff. And Tom Sawyer had illustrations in this style. Ohhhhhhhhh there's the nostalgia right square in the brain, ow ow ow
Lady-Jay-Bird's avatar
I love nostalgia attacks, don't you? I find them rather pleasant :meow:
Spyro1267's avatar
arnt you that jerk on sl who bans everyone from your sim?
tanksmallcape's avatar
I INSTANTLY recognized the Dore style! Great job!
Itachi-of-Akatsuki's avatar
At first, I thought that was Fluttershy ... (then I saw the horn ^^')
mushroomjardin's avatar
This is very nice.
Ferdrimmler's avatar
You're versatile.
Kinjareta's avatar
This is beautiful... It looks like something from a story book :D
A simply breath taking piece of ART!
Drangelu's avatar

The scene is so magic and peaceful
Ihmislehma's avatar
First reaction:
Jaw drop.
Then bite lip. Damn, you people are SO something I aspire to be.
Absolutely stunning!
RevanThePreserver's avatar
where, where, where did you learn to do this???
ChristinaFeonora's avatar
HOLY BRONY CRAP this is awesome. O_O mind= blown
catbuscus's avatar
You just blow me away with your art sometimes... :jawdrop:
tunipeace's avatar
very very good
IDrawPoniesSometimes's avatar
CU, how long have you been drawing? I know time is no way to measure skill and effort, but I was just wondering.
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