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evening affection

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Twilight and Luna is still my favorite pairing.
Soooo... here's a quick little Twi/Luna-something because the newest episode was fantastic... <3

Still sick... Ugh... I shall go pass out now.

CS3, tablet.
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I refuse to think that my favorite character, Princess Luna, is gay!! I refuse darn it!!!!!!!!!!!!CURSE YOU! 
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Uh.. Ok? It’s just preference.
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Same. I dont ship it.. I mostly only like cannon ships, or ships where one of the characters at least shows affection to the other.
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Such beautiful work, done when you were sick, no less. Hard to believe I'm only discovering this now. Very good job.
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so pretty that Luna in there
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I love this! :D very well done
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omg i love itt soooo super much and ya i am hyper because i ate tones of chocolate peanut nutter eggs and took a long long nap :D
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What kind of tablet do you have? i need one.
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I used a medium-sized Wacom Intuos 3 to make this picture.

I highly recommend Wacom products, the intuos line in particular. The bamboo series of tablets is great if you want to try a tablet.
The Intuos tablet line is perfect if you are committed to learning digital medias.
If digital media is a professional pursuit, consider investing in a Cintiq.
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This is gorgeous! <3<3<3<3<3
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Yay!! Best MLP shipping :)
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Hey, can i just - STEAL your way of drawing? okthxbai -steals your way of drawing-
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a shame some of those bubbles are cut at the edge of the picture, or else it would be perfect for a wallpaper where you could just turn the back into black, which it would match perfectly ^__^
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HNNNG that's so adorable. I can't decide if I like Twi more with Luna or Celestia. It's so difficult.
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Dat mane. very beautiful picture, especially will glow-in-the-dark luna :D
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I love the glow effect
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amazing :D
great work :love:
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Is it just me or is that hair glowing different colors?
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There is a slight variation in the hues. A mix of violets and indigos (which creates a "glowy" effect).
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Beautiful moment but I still think Luna isnt homosexual. She just cant be, but ok if you like that option than Iam ok with that.
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