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Nightmare Moon and Luna.

Speedpainting. Few hours.
Practicing scenery/mood... etc. I'm sort of happy with it... Or at least, I see progress. Just have to keep working...
I'm going to draw nothing but rocks for a week because UGH.
Also light... etc. Derpaderp.

Wallpaper format just because I love you.
If you crop it to fit your desktop, please don't repost the cropped version... if you post it anyways, at least include a link back to the original.


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This looks Cinematic as fuck.
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Absolutely stunning and beautiful. It's practically left me speechless. Bravo!
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This is epic. Would you mind if I used this as the background for a MLP song I did? I will, of course, give full credit.
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This calls for a story.
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Mood is ok. Good speedpaint. Do pic of Tom
DracoWolf0-0's avatar
so much emotion in this one shot
AzureKaryu's avatar
Holy hell. Amazing
elgregorPL's avatar
Eclipse... Looks like Nightmare Moon and Luna just sent Celestia to the sun.
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Everytime i see "wallpaper format" Its my new wallpaper
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Can I ? For ID or WebCam ?
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LunaHerHigness's avatar
Np ! Wonderful art !
TheMiles's avatar
This is magical
Izzy1998's avatar
i DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ! what hapened to Luna ?
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