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dark side of the moon

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Obligatory sad/emo Luna picture.
Luna is banished to her moon prison and stares longingly up at Equestria/'Earth'/Pony-planet.

Just wanted to doodle something simple.

Alternate version here: [link]

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shesh, now thats cold.
your laughing avatar does make it only more mean 
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I acctually feel bad for luna/nightmare moon when i watch Friendship Is magic-Part one
and  Princess Twilight Sparkle-part 1 and part 2
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At first I felt a Pink Floyd reference but I guess not XD
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so sad... really good job !
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Breathe, Breathe in the air.
Don't be afraid to care.
Leave, Don't leave me.
Look around, Choose your own ground.
Long you live and high you fly
And smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry
And all you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be....
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for 'simple doodle' this is amazing.
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'wants to give sad Luna a hug'
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Poor Luna.. I want give her huggles <3
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In loneliness, Hatred thrives. I am now sad ='(
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But with hate and anger... Comes Sadness and regret.
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Sad yet beautiful.
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Awesome Pawesome.
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Epic as always ^^
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Awwww, well, she's home now :D
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It's not that I was unsympathetic to Nightmare Moon being imprisoned, but imagining little Princess Luna suffering like that really makes my heart sink. The paper textures look good and give her body a lot of depth, though the shadows and very subtle highlights helped a lot too. The Earth looks lovely, maybe more vibrant than as seen from space but that only makes her crave it that much more.

Her tears spilling onto the ground really hit me hard too.
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I like the simplicity of the background, gives a more powerful feel of her being so far beyond all light, and happiness. A lovely work.
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It looks great! But the physics of the image really bother me. What exactly is the reason that you didn't draw the moon's surface? It's not the dark side of the moon because Luna is lit up and you can see where the sunlight is coming from if you look at what part of earth/Equestria/whatever is lit up.

If it's laziness, I gotta say I completely understand. I do so hate having to spend copious amounts of precious time on doing backgrounds. :] Well, hate is a big word, I just prefer drawing characters. :meow:
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The purpose of this drawing was to practice doing lineart without the use of a scanned sketch. It was something quick (about an hour). Speedpainting/drawing.

As far as artistic reasons go, I did consider drawing the surface of the moon, but I like the idea of her being imprisoned "inside" the moon. My original draft did have the the planet through a sort of grey portal, as though she were looking out a "window" from with her lunar cell... However, the window/portal looked weird...

So I opted for the poetic empty blackness of space instead, which I think better suits the emotion in this simple drawing.
She stands in dark oblivion, for she is in exile, and there exists nothing except the vast emptiness of space above her, with the home she once knew forever suspended out-of-reach (much like the moon appears to those on the planet's surface). She stands in complete "aloneness" -and that is her sorrow.
The title is merely a reference to the Pink Floyd album [of the same name] and song "Brain Damage", and not necessarily her physical location on the moon.

If you want to get into the physics of it... then there technically is no such thing as the "dark side" of the moon, only the farside . Now, I can't speak for Equestria's moon, but on Earth the moon appears not to rotate since it rotates once for every revolution it makes around the earth... and we only see the nearside. The "dark side" of the moon is simply the moon's night --which, I think, gives the name "Nightmare Moon" an additional poetic element.
In addition, I don't think the laws of physics would operate as we are familiar with them in a universe where magic exists.

And I'm sure there was a laziness factor as well... :lol:

Thanks for your comment. :heart:

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That explanation makes the picture even better.
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