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canterlot palace

Canterlot Palace -- day, evening, and night.

Based off of a screencap. I needed a general painting of the palace that I could reuse for anything else. Decided to make an evening and a night version as well.
And painting scenery is a good exercise.

Compression is kinda crappy... but the original is HUGE and I'm too lazy to compress it correctly... :p
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How much for the fully quality files? I want to make my computer show these and change as the day changes

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Please post the daytime one
I love these a bunch and really want the full set
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Any chance of getting the day picture as a stand alone wallpaper? Having the night and afternoon one I'd love to complete the set. They would make a wonderful triple monitor wallpaper :D

~Have a good one.
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It's been quite some time, but I still third this
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Wow, this is truly wonderful ! Love the dusk version ! 
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reminds me a little on black n white (the game)
temple for ur god
and since Celestia lives there...
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Interested in a solo day upload..
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Very cool.  Amazing artwork.  :+fav:
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Pardon the nagging, but if compression is a drama, have you considered saving the set as .PNGs instead? No quality loss.

I'd love to have all three of these as separate wallpapers.
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Could I use this for a background on Tumblr? I'll give you credit of course.
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Could I get this in the full-size possibly?
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Can I get full version of night?
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I have one sitting on my desktop computer, which is currently dead. If you want it sooner than in a week or two, open the image in MS paint, crop down to the night image. Save the night image.
Go to google, go to images and click the little camera in the search bar. Follow the onscreen instructions and click "more sizes" when you're done.
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Day-version, please!
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have you uploaded the day time one yet?
This is beautiful and would amazing as an art-print.
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could you make a WP-version of the day-version as you did for the other two? it´s the best of these ;)
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