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The Dark Queen

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Perspective study with Nightmare Moon.
I'll probably be annoyed with it in a week, but we'll see.
For now, I'm happy with it.

detail: [link]

Nightmare Moon would be an evil Queen, not an evil Princess.
I also imagine her having a very modular sleek castle, very opposite to Canterlot and Celestia. More science-fiction than fantasy... etc.

Several hours. Wacom tablet, Photoshop CS3.
Process: [link]


Fiddled with the shadows and the throne. Adjusted some lighting.
Also, now in .png

Also, I lost the working file because I am an idiot, so I can't make any more changes on it. So while I love your critiques, please no more... because they'll just make me sad and frustrated because I won't be able to follow up on them... T____T

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Yo, I’d absolutely frame that and put it on my wall. Love the composition and the almost ‘alien’ feel of the landscape and architecture!

But reading the description it seems like there won’t be a high-res version of this piece, huh? :c

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Sleeping Moon Chibi Nightmare Moon Iconhail to the queen+|F2U|+ Vaporwave Half Moon 
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Of course Equus is a barren wasteland now. And does Nightmare Moon give a buck? Nope.
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Sun's up, moon's up... seems like a good compromise. =P
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I...have no words for this...just....AWESOMELove :happybounce: Heart La la la la I am a dummy! Clap !!!
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HOLY CRAP. 2016 NaNoEmo - #10 Cant Believe It 

This is amazingly done. The world below is blocking the sun. The shadows. The atmosphere. Her mane. Truly this is a nightmare personified. Masterfully drawn, and masterfully done. I tip my hat to you.Tip Hat Emoticon 
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This is the picture that got me into the show. The colours were just amazing. :D (Big Grin) 
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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):)
She got what she wanted in the end... but was this what she really wanted?
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To tragic for me to see.
The columns and their shadows give off this vibe of her being in a cage. Was this intentional?
SnapCentino's avatar
The wind-swept wasteland is a nice touch.
HeartIsNude's avatar
The background reminds me of Past Sins
Cre8iveWing's avatar
Very talented piece of work. :)
Solaris-Lights's avatar
Very impressive with the art and great titleAPPLAUSE CLAP 
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The sad thing about space is Nightmare Moon will be right in the long run if heat death/entropy sets in over a few trillion years.  Do alicorns obey the laws of thermodynamics?
acoronadluvsprowl's avatar
Nah. As long as they have access to their namesake celestial bodies, they could sustain themselves indefinitely and replenish their magic.... Or at least until the sun eventually runs outta fuel and condenses into a super dense white dwarf star and destroys Equestria and its moon in the process.
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This photo is my wallpaper on computer!!! It is so amazing!!!!
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Just.. amazing... I have no words to describe this...
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The scenery, my goodness this suits it very well... With Nightmare Moon too! :iconprincesslunaplz:
Professional artwork! You're such a talented artist! :iconnightmaremoonplz:

Stay strong, stay inspired, stay professional, stay gold and take care!
MLP FiM fan art rules!
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I love this image.
The bars to show she is a prisoner on a barren moon, yet she has an imposing throne, she is still powerful and Royalty.
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This is beyond marvelous!
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